Hairstyles of Famous Rock Bands in 80’s

In the 80’s, people appreciated whatever you do with your hair. The decade might be the exploration of hairdos or maybe no one just wanted to cut their hair at that time.

Well, most of the time, people always want to imitate the celebrity they like.

Most hairstyle in 80’s were long, curly, wavy, huge and other hair styles that would suits their appetite. The following photos will show you the hottest Rock Bands of the decade with their stylish hairs – or not!!




Crazy, long, curly and unruly hair were typically a fad among the rock bands in the 80’s. And they had an army of followers that took a liking to sporting this type of hairstyle.




Axel Rose was the guy who made long straight hair look rock and roll. Add a bandana and you are ready to wave that hair in front of the crowd. And who would not forget Slash’s crazy black hair and hat that became one of his signature… along with his electric guitar.




Poison comes in many forms. In the case of this rock band, it came with lots of thrashing blond hair.




The band that made many young ladies scream, Bon Jovie sported a relatively more decent hairstyle compared to the hard core rock and roll bands.




This band came to be known as one of the forefronts of anti-war and peace movements in the music industry. And their hairstyles came to be known as a trend during their days.

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The hairstyles of these guys are not really as noted as their music. But well, fashion that clashed was one of the defining mark of many of these bands.




Good looks, crazy vocals and crazy music were what people remember of Skidrow. And many fans strain their cords to sing along with the band. And it is even more difficult to catch up with their hairstyle growing hair to their lengths.




Kiss… the 80’s generation and the generations that followed know this band not only because of their music and crazy tactics on stage during concerts. The audience remember this band for their disturbing clown make-up and sick (in a good, rock and roll way) hairstyle.




Do these guys really care about anything other than music? Well, it doesn’t matter whether they did it on purpose or not, not to keep their hair. But it surely was popular.




Aerosmith, a multi-awarded band, loved by the world for their more friendly tones and inspiring music. And not to mention their hairstyle which they maintained even to the future decades when much of the trend has already evolved.


In these days, the 80’s hairstyle trends might be dead and buried in time. However, there are some people that still love that old-school hairdos. The thing is whatever you want to do with that hair of yours, the choice will always be yours to be made.