Girls and Their Rides: Photo Collection of Women on Motorcycles

Who says that only men are adrenaline junkies and that motorcycles have to be exclusively ridden by “higher level of testosterone.”

This rare vintage collection shows that women from the past knew how to pull of a leather jacket, lipstick and a motorcycle. They were fearless women with fancy hairstyles rocking on their motorcycles, breaking stereotypes and having the time of their lives.’

Check out these kick-ass women on their kick-ass motorcycles.



A reverend blesses the motorcycle of a woman who is learning to drive, 1938

A woman on her BMW motorcycle, 1935

Anke Eve Goldmann, 1958

Beryl Swain, 1962

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Lipstick and leather

Repairing her motorbike, 1950

San Francisco Women’s Motorcycle Unit, 1940

Some 70s Harley kickstarting action

The Riverhill Riders Club, 1962