18 Beautiful Vintage Color Photos of Los Angeles From the 1950’s and 1960s

In the 50s and the 60s, Los Angeles was an industrial and financial giant created by war production and migration, the city assembled more cars than any city in U.S.A, except Detroit, that later will be the main cause for being the city of “smog,” or one of the most polluted cities in the United States.

We found a handful of amazing vintage photos that show the City of Angels during the 50s and 60s on this cool blog neat stuff.

So take a trip down the memory lane, and check out this amazing vintage photos of Los Angeles.


Andersen’s Restaurant – Los Angeles, 1954


Capitol Records on Hollywood and Vine, 1962


Drug King & Rexall – Hollywood and Vine, 1965


Gravmans Chinese Theater Hollywood Blvd, 1965


Hody’s Restaurant on Hollywood and Vine, 1965


Hollywood Blvd from Vine Street, 1965


Kress, Carnation & General of America Insurance – Los Angeles, 1954


Los Angeles, 1954


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Miracle Mile Mayco, 1950s


Pantages Theater on Hollywood Blvd, 1965


Pershing Square, 1965 Rex Arms, Mobilgas – Los Angeles, 1954


Rose Parade – Pasadena, 1962


Santa Monica Blvd – Los Angeles, 1964


Sunset Blvd, 1965


The Brown Derby – Los Angeles, 1954


Wilshire Blvd, 1954


Wilshire Blvd, 1954