House Abandoned for 40 Years, he Locked the Door & Never Came Back – Goes to Auction


Abandoned and now 4o years later this house is up for sale. Just in time for Halloween, (a socially distanced, safe and responsible Halloween, that is,) a very eerie house in Wales is going up for auction with the low, discounted price of 17,000 pounds, at least to start.

Bidding may heat up and the property could go for much more, considering what homes usually cost in the U.K.

However, anyone taking on this house must keep aside a large budget for renovations. But before anyone can enter it with hammer, saw and other tools of the construction trade, it has to be emptied of the former owner’s detritus, all of which they left behind.

Abandoned 40 years ago and it looks like it. Credit:

It’s as though – whomever that individual was – they simply decided to move, and turned the key behind them without giving a second thought to their possessions.

The place has spent the last 40 years abandoned and gradually decaying – the kitchen roof collapsed at some point – and all the belongings of the owner have simply sat and collected dust and filth.

What was once, in all likelihood, a lovely though modest home is now a silent and abandoned collection of junk, all of it covered in dirt and destined for the garbage heap.


That is not to say, however, that there are no potentially valuable items sitting there amidst the dirt. A retro television set, perhaps from the 1960s or 1970s, is likely worth some money, or could be cleaned up and rented to film or TV studios needing decor for period shows.

A fireplace from the 1920s appears to be in good shape, judging from pictures. And there are details in the home’s original decor and design that can be – and should be – preserved.


Vintage glass, probably from the Victorian era, frames the front door. On the floor of the main front hall, mosaic tiles are clearly worth rejuvenating.

And other small gems are visible in pictures of the property, not the least of which is the beautiful view off the back terrace. Although the garden is presently overgrown and wild, once it is cleared, the small area will make a great spot to enjoy an evening glass of wine and a visit with family. Mountains off in the distance provide a spectacular vista.


Perhaps one of the creepiest aspects of this house that apparently time – and people – forgot is a small teacup-shaped vase perched on a small shelf at the top of the stairs to the second floor.

It’s as though someone set it there, packed a suitcase, and left, for reasons that may never be entirely clear. The abandoned house is in Blaenrhondda, Wales, and is surrounded by other homes with similar facades; the difference is that this one is boarded up, and has been for decades.


The listing agents are – not surprisingly – touting it as a diamond in the rough, a renovation project that’s perfect for someone with energy and money to spend on a major remodelling. Nothing has been said about who abandoned the house, or why.

It’s all rather mysterious, really. In fairness to the agent, Sean Roper of Paul Fosh Auctions, he likely doesn’t know much about the history of the property. “Going into the house is like stepping back in time,” he recently told the U.K.’s Daily Mirror. That, it’s fair to say, is an understatement.


Nonetheless, this just may be the perfect home for a newlywed couple, for example, a pair who’ve got lots of optimism and vision and limited purchasing power for their first place together.

If they are willing to remove the contents themselves, preserving what they can and tossing the rest, that’s a good place to start. Having experience in the construction trades would be helpful, too.

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And who knows? Perhaps by next Halloween, when life is somewhat normal again and trick or treating is able to occur safely, the new owners will be able to hand out candy from their brand new, completely renovated front door – with the Victorian glass preserved, of course.

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