Interesting stories behind world-famous logos


There is importance in a logo. A logo says a lot about a company. It is the essence of what a company stands for and how we identify with a brand.

Nowadays there are so many logos that we sometimes don’t take note of them. But if we were to look a little deeper behind the scenes we would find some interesting stories concerning some of the world’s favorite brands.

Here we expand on some stories about the brands behind these logos:

9. Domino’s Pizza started out as DomiNiks:

Domino’s Pizza logo used from 1996 until September 2012 in major English-speaking countries, and still used in many others.

There is no mistaking this international pizza brand, whose rivals are the likes of McDonald’s and Subway. But this international franchise had humble beginnings, and its logo back then was way different from the one we know and love today. The company, which was started by two brothers, was DomiNiks until Tom bought his brother out in 1960. He basically got it for free, but as the story goes he traded his busted up VW Beetle to his brother. The rest is history, for Tom was a pioneer and visionary who cleaned up the brand that became known as Domino’s.

So how did the famous brand get its logo? Well, after buying out his brother Tom decided to capitalize on the pizza’s delicious taste and start franchising. His intention was to add a dot for every store he opened. But due to its popularity, that was not practical, so after a year the famous logo was left with three dots symbolizing the three additional stores Tom opened that year. But we won’t hold it against him – they have been serving their delicious pizzas for five decades now.

8. One of the best lollipops around is Chupa Chups:

Here is something we bet that you didn’t know about your favorite lolly. The brainchild behind the famous lollipop’s logo is none other than Salvador Dali.

Yes, you read right – the same Catalonian painter who brought us all those weird melting clocks. He designed the logo for Chupa Chups, and it has remained virtually unchanged since 1969.

A giant Chupa Chups lollipop for sale Photo Credit

And why would they change it, as they have unique artwork on every lollipop at the request of the founder of the delicious lolly, who happened to be the famous painter’s old friend. So every time you buy a Chupa Chups you know you’re getting a unique piece of art for your mouth. The painter designed the wrappers while having lunch with Enric Bernat, who insisted that the logo appear on the top of the wrapper and not the side. Now that’s a master stroke of genius.

7. The original Starbucks logo would make Playboy blush, and consumers were up in arms:

Starbucks at Delhi airport. Photo Credit

The iconic green mermaid logo is unmistakable and seems to appear everywhere. It is the symbol of expensive coffee and poor spelling. But even if you’re not a fan of trends you know what Starbucks is. When it started out as a simple coffee shop, it boasted an immodest bare-naked siren with her cleavage out for all to see.

This is a stark comparison to the green which litters every corner of the globe today. That’s because the company has given in to conservatism and has ensured that every new design of the logo tastefully hides the mermaid’s assets. For good reason too, as many customers were offended when a new iteration in 2008 paying tribute to the old lady was made. The offending parts were barely visible, but that did not stop their consumers from launching a tirade against the company. Well, guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

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