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The “Frozen in time” Shoe Museum – Abandoned family shoe store sat untouched for over 40 years

The Internet can be an amazing place sometimes, for real, it can be a real treasure trove. Like when we recently stumble upon  a collection of photos of a hidden shoe museum dating back more than 50 years.

Reddit user October75 knew that his grandparents owned an old building with a shoe store inside it. So he found a way to go inside the dusty building and come across a goldmine of intact shoe store catching dust for more than half of a century.  So what he did? – He  put it on the internet, as every reasonable person would do.

This frozen in time shoe museum, under the layers of dust and mess, hides some ridiculously cool pairs of shoes.We cannot think of a better way to peek in the shoe style of the 60s, to see some super cool converse old schools and other more high-end shoe models.

This is how October75 described it

“The store was open from the 40’s through the 60’s from what I recall. The store closed up when my great grandmother fell ill. She ran the store as long as she could until she passed away. They closed shop and it remained this way for over 40 years, mostly untouched.”


Front store display window from inside.
Front store display window from inside.


the Aladin cave of untouched shoes contains a variety of models, from classic through converse’s Chuck Taylor to high -end models


The floor, even though visibly damaged and covered with dust shows the authentic charm of a 60’s shoe store





“As children we didn’t pay much attention to the front of the building. We were going to visit grandma and grandpa.”



I have no idea how profitable it was, perhaps that was a factor,” explains Oktober75 on Reddit, “My grandparents were known for hoarding. My guess is they went with the mentality, ‘it will be worth something one day’. That day came and went.”


OK, the inner hipster is unleashed and craving for this pair

Most of the shoes seem in good condition, but while some of them look like brand new, the rubber-soled shoes or the sneakers have become dry and brittle because of the heat and dry air. Years ago, production company for vintage clothing and costumes bought more than hundred pairs from the shoe store.




Here are some really early Converse’s Chuck Taylors



TXSy0XJ (1)








How about bold black classic 60s. YES PLEASE


Oh My golly... the typography....
Oh My golly… the typography….


Imagine that each of these boxes contains a glimpse into the past.



Due to security concerns, the Redditor does not plan on releasing the location. “When we’re ready to draw attention, I’d be happy to share more details,” says Oktober75.



This colorful pair would still look neat today


This vintage double-sided bench for customers to sit on

Because this post is from quite a while ago, we are not really sure what happened to this vintage shoe goldmine, but we promise to keep an eye on for any updates.

Visit October75 Imgur page to see the entire collection of photos

Photo Courtesy October75