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Explored: the bunker where Hitler decided to set fire to Paris. Rommel & Rundstedt visited here too

Sam Dickson

Check out these amazing images taken by the guys over at 442urbex and all images by Marc Askat. Great work Marc!

Originally known as ‘Waldwiese’ the first Führerhauptquartier (FHQ) located at Bruly-le-Pêche was renamed to ‘Wolfsschlucht’ by Hitler himself. It served as field HQ for the campaign against France. Later in 1940 the building of Wolfsschlucht 2 near Soissons began. It was intended to house the higher staffs and generals who would lead the invasion of England (Operation Seelöwe).

However this campain never started and the site was visited by Hitler just one time on June 17 1944, when he had a meeting with fieldmarshalls Von Rundstedt and Rommel regarding a possible withdrawal of German forces in Normandy.

The pool, above the bunker, a giant camo tarp was deployed to allow the German officers to swim

The actual FHQ is located just north of Margival in the forests of ‘Les Gostins’ and ‘Les Poltons’. Several Grossbunker were built here; huge fortified offices.
Besides these offices there are a huge amount of bunkers which were part of the close combat defence system and the Flak batteries. In the villages surrounding the FHQ one can find lots of ‘Panzer’ and local bunker designs:



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Sam Dickson

Sam Dickson is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News