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The world’s best wreckage

Some of the most popular images on the internet are old wrecks, crash sites or sunken ships. Even though they may be quite gruesome to look at, internet surfers around the world are making them some of the most viewed images on the net.

world’s best wreckage [Via]

The world’s best wreckage can be eerie, mysterious, surrounded by intrigue and interesting stories of their demise. Here are some of the most interesting images circulating social media at the moment.

1880s coal transporter remains big attraction – an 1885 wooden schooner sits in Big Tub Harbor, Ontario, Canada. In its hay-day it was a coal transporter but run into trouble just off Cove Island. Rescue attempts were made and it was towed into the harbour so that engineers could try to fix her. However repair attempts failed and she was left to wreckage, but remains a popular tourist attraction.

Tank on Flamenco Beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico at sunset [Via]

US Army tanks on a Puerto Rico beach – tanks left over from US military test exercises have been left abandoned since the US took them there along with thousands of troops in 1903. President Roosevelt at the time authorised the use of the island for military gun and bomb practice. The tank wrecks remain dotted along the picturesque paradise beach coastline of Playa Flamenco. (Thrillist)

This boat is ancient Hospital it is wreck on the sand of the long eastern beach of the Fraser island near Pacific Ocean from 1935 [Via]

​Last of the luxury liners – theMahéno – in the thriving early 1900s luxurious ocean liners graced the seas, including the Mahéno. The Mahéno was launched off the New Zealand coast into the Tasman Sea. During World War One it was sent to support the naval effort in the Pacific as a hospital ship. But in 1935 the weather got the better of the Mahéno as a cyclone hit its route just off the coast of Australia. Its wreckage still lies just off Fraser Island.

Archaeologists surveying the sunken auxiliary vessel on the Maritime Heritage Trail – Battle of Saipan, Tanapag Lagoon. Presumably the torpedoed Shoan Maru [Via]

Saipan tanks – the battle of Saipan in 1944 is thought to have been the biggest in the Pacific during World War Two. The remnants of the battle still remain strewn across the island. Many wrecks lie in the nearby waters including Japanese ships, US aircraft, meanwhile on land three Sherman tanks on the beaches.

world’s best wreckage Whistler Train Wreck [Via]

Train crash in Whistler – back on land in the middle of a forest in Whistler, Canada, are several train box cars as the only reminder of a train crash that happened there in the 1950s. Today they are a popular destination for tourists and hikers, while local youngsters use them to hide out in and graffiti.

world’s best wreckage Tangalooma Wrecks, Moreton Island, QLD [Via]

Australia’s naval junkyard – in post-World War Two Australia, the Navy had several ships and boats that simply weren’t good for service any longer. So in the early 1960s, 15 ships and boats were sunk off Moreton Island in Queensland. Now it has become one of the most popular and interesting snorkelling sites in Australia.


B-52 Vietnam War wreck – although many remains from the Vietnam War still exist in the country, a US B-52 bomber that crash landed in 1972 remains half protruding from the middle of a lake in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam.

Picture was taken on the Greek island Zakynthos in September 2004 and it is the top view of Navagio bay, where some smuggler’s ship was washed ashore and could not return to the sea [Via]

Greek smugglers delight – smugglers off the coast of Greece got a shock when the Greek Navy chased them so near to land that they actually beached. The boat was reported to have hoards of cigars, alcohol and women aboard. The boat beached in 1983 and has remained there ever since.

world’s best wreckage The wreckage of a small airplane crash on the beach in la Ventanilla, Mexico [Via]

Mexican smugglers – only around 10 years ago, a plane thought to be used by smugglers was shot down by the Mexican Army. It crash landed on a beach in Ventanilla and has remained there ever since. Everyone survived but the wreckage is covered in bullet holes.

Ghost ships at the former shore of the Aral Sea in Moynaq, Uzbekistan [Via]

Ships in the desert – in the middle of Uzbekistan lies what would be an unfathomable anomaly as the wrecks of numerous ships lie half buried in the sand, with the nearest coastline around 100 miles away. Authorities decided to divert the local rivers in the area for the irrigation of local farms, and with that ensured that the Aral Sea, a huge lake, dried up completely.

world’s best wreckage Mar Sem Fin — Ardley Cove, Antarctica [Via]

Film crew’s boat hits stormy waters in Antarctica – only three years ago a film crew tried to film a documentary off the coast of Antarctica. But when a winter storm hit the crew’s boat, the Mar Sem Fin, it sunk even though rescue attempts by the Chilean Navy. The boat remained in the water until a year later when the film crew’s director returned with a team of divers and engineers to resurrect the boat and bring it to shore. The boat now remains a wreck on the shores of Ardley Cove.

world’s best wreckage Train Graveyard — North Carolina [Via]

Public transport end of the road in North Carolina – a site in North Carolina has become the dumping ground for America’s public transport system and was recently discovered by a photographer who published the images online. Subway cars, overland trains and buses from all over America come to make their final rest at the site.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News