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8 Bizarre Abandoned Sites of the Modern Age

Neil Patrick

We are no stranger to the mystery and allure of ancient ruins dating back to the earliest of civilizations. But, if we take a closer look at our world today, there are strange sites left abandoned recently that can surely arouse our interest and curiosity. These include ghost towns and relics of natural disasters that were only recently full of life and activity. Here are the 8 bizarre abandoned sites of the Modern Age.

The Eastown Theatre, Detroit, Michigan [VIA]

America hosts very interesting historical and geographical sites from the Grand Canyon to World War I and II battlefields. And it also hosts a number of bizarre modern structures which were then once popular and glamorous but are now abandoned to ruin. One of these is the Eastown Theatre in Detroit. It was introduced to the public in 1930 originally as a movie house. It hosted a number of famous concerts including that of the legendary Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, Jefferson Airplane and the Doors. It was shut down in 1973 by the city of Detroit for failure to meet the standards of public health and safety. From then on it went from hosting theater arts, jazz concerts, adult films to church services while closing down in between periods. Today, the historical building that hosted concerts is now a site of disrepair and abandon.


Centralia, Pennsylvania [

Centralia, Pennsylvania hit the global news when a mine fire razed the site in 1962. After 50 years, the fire has not ceased to consume whatever it burns along its way. The city workers were reported to be responsible for starting the fire lighting up what they thought was an innocent heap of trash. The fire was not extinguished and went on to wreak destruction. The city did what they could to isolate and stop the fire. However, the fire went on to raze increasing the levels of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to toxicity. A twelve year old boy also reportedly fell into a sink hole which was created due to the heat from the fire in his backyard. The place was clearly no longer safe for human existence. The Congress immediately allotted $42 million to relocate the residents and mine workers in 1984. Today, it is a ghost town with only ten residents reportedly refusing to leave.


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An abandoned kindergarten classroom in Prypiat (Pripyat), Ukraine

Prypiat, Ukraine is the site of one of the world’s biggest nuclear disaster ever recorded in history. The city was once the residence of workers of the Chernobyl Power Plant. The area was abandoned in 1986 after the Chernobyl disaster. Radiation levels have decreased over the years. Tours around the site are also offered despite safety and health concerns. As seen from many recent panoramic shots of the city, high-rise buildings, shops, schools, restaurants and an amusement park are still in the area in decaying condition. Trees and other plants have been sited to grow inside the structures in the city.


Hashima Island, Japan

The island was the home of a coal mine and houses of mine workers for Mitsubishi from 1877 to 1974. When Japan shifted to using petroleum for power from coal, Mitsubishi stopped operations in the area and the mine was closed. It was only opened in 2009 this time as a tourist destination. There is a proposal to include the site in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Sanzhi UFO Houses, Taiwan

Taiwan has very bizarre architectural structures but not as bizarre as this abandoned site in Sanzhi. Houses mimicking the shape of alien UFOs were constructed in the area to cater to U.S. Military Officers in 1978. However, the project hit financial woes in 1980. The construction stopped but some of the houses remained intact for decades. The area is a topic to rumors of ghost sightings. It was also believed that the place holds records of mysterious car accidents. It was also rumored that bones of 20,000 people were found by construction workers in the area. The site welcomed tourists for many years. The houses were demolished in 2010. In place is a water park and resort.


Haludovo Palace Hotel, Croatia

Croatia, a former Yugoslav Republic, hosts an old abandoned resort, hotel and casino. The exterior of the once luxurious structure is now a sad dilapidated site and the interior is left at the hands of nature and time. Bob Guccione, founder of Penthouse Magazine and known porn-mogul, spent $45 million dollars to develop the site into grandeur. The Penthouse Adriatic Club which was located inside the resort was opened to guests, mostly highly important political figures around the globe, in 1972 where parties and decadence were held non-stop amidst socialist Yugoslav. It was closed after two decades struggling from bankruptcy.


Picher, Oklahoma

Picher Oklahoma came to be known as America’s Most Toxic City after housing a large lead and zinc mine. Now it is a site for Superfund’s major clean-up drive. The site is unsafe for residence with 63 percent of the children recorded to have suffered lead poising in the 1900s.

The government started offering buyouts of lands in Picher in 2005. In 2009, the city was almost abandoned with no city government and police force existing and operating in the area. In 2010, there were only about 20 residents left. Stubborn residents were forcibly relocated and demolition of the site eventually commenced.


Six Flags New Orleans

The world was never the same again after Hurricane Katrina. And evidences of the destruction of Mother Nature as a retaliation to man’s neglect and abuse of the environment continue to linger as reminder of nature’s power over man. Six Flags New Orleans is one of this reminder. The area was extremely flooded. The park was almost submerged in floodwater. On February 6, 2012, proposals for the site to become a theme park was rejected. The developer of the site, however, continues to press for rehabilitation and rebuilding of the once famous Six Flags New Orleans.

Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News