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Top 20 Old-School Video Games that Rocked the World

Neil Patrick

Technology has taken gaming to a whole new level. In this age, gaming has in fact become a part of daily life. A variety of games have become accessible to suit various tastes and preferences. But while gaming has totally evolved to incredible and almost real-life like graphics and interactive choices, some individuals prefer, once in a while, to get the jolt of excitement from classic arcade games. And like all things old-school, these games are played with reverence. Here are the top 20 of these games that rocked the world.


20. Pong

Pong for vintage


Remember Atari? Remember Pong? Think playing table tennis using two dials and a screen displaying a ball and two rackets. The game has then evolved its way into the mainstream from its humble roots. But it still retained its appeal.


19. Paperboy



Paperboy delivered newspaper to houses of subscribers in a suburban street filled with hazards and obstacles. This game by Nintendo also gave a “go” for paperboy to vandalize houses of non-subscribers. If you do a job well down, you get a high score. If you don’t you lose your subscribers.  The game is adrenaline-pumping in a way. And there is no slowing down the paperboy that it has survived through decades and to the iPhone era.


18. Manic Miner



Manic Miner holds traps and hazards at every turn in all 20 screens of the game. The miner is surely in a panic and in a manic to get his job done that there is no time to relax. Especially if you choose to enter the mines with the original Spectrum.


17. Pacman



This non-stop eating pill is one of the most popular classic game that rocked the world. Pacman has thrilled players of all ages and throughout time since its inception.


16. Donkey Kong



From arcade to computer to mobile gadgets, Donkey Kong was one of the greatest hit by Nintendo. This platform game released in 1981 features the adventures of a gorilla. It has since then become one of the most popular arcade games of all time.


15. Gauntlet



Gauntlet is one of the best games developed by Atari. It features four players in a cabinet screen. The players must complete the levels of the game. If you dare play, you must be willing to hack, slash and crawl in a dungeon/labyrinth to complete the game with the other three players crowding.


14. Sonic the Hedgehog 2



The character, Sonic the Hedgehog, is one of the masterpiece developed to rival that of Nintendo’s iconic Super Mario. Sonic sports spiky hair and cool swagger and possesses awesome tricks and powers that gamers can use to complete the adventure. With his partner Tails, Sonic has come to be loved by many players to the modern age.


13. Day of the Tentacle


Many would agree that the top 20 list of best old-school games would not be complete without the Day of the Tentacle. Also known as Maniac Mansion, the game is definitely a classic sci-fi. The theme and plot inlcude time-travel,  portable toilets, and a purple tentacle. The point-and-click game requires players to complete mind-boggling puzzles in order to complete the hilarious adventure of Dr. Fred and his team. Great game to play then and now.


12. Super Metroid



Bounty hunters create much faze, even in gaming. Samus of Super Metroid is one of them. Imagine being isolated into a bleak world with unpredictable hazards fighting off Ridley Scott of the Space Pirates in order to capture back a stolen metroid. And she does this using cool abilities, moves and weapons. Definitely old-school blasting off through space like her.


11. Chuckie Egg



If you want to play Donkey Kong, only this time faster and more exciting, then you definitely do not want to miss Chuckie Egg. The game requires that you hit that button perfectly and execute those leaps with great timing to beat the front cover.


10. Street Fighter II Turbo



One of the best games released in 1994. Go to any arcade and you find a group of players crowding in front of the screen while a player desperately fights off the other player or the computer in a battle for life and death. Turbo and other street fighter versions definitely rocked the world with friends Ken and Ryu and their combo hits, Blanka and his electrifying attacks and other characters of different nationalities.


9. Space Invaders



Taito and the 1987 classic Space Invaders was the first cover shooter recorded involving blasting off to space and shooting out alien envaders and trying to evade their deadly attacks. And don’t forget to kill the Playing this game is one sure adrenaline pumping way of killing time.


8. Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past



Super Metroid was a cool creepy game. Legend of Zelda, however, with its character Link, is one cool epic adventure. The game is filled with secrets and unpredictable treasures and hazards fit for those who like to explore every nook of their screen for anything hidden. If you have time to spare, Zelda is one game you definitely have to get lost into.


7. Streets of Rage 2



Capcom had the Final Fight. Sega had Streets of Rage. It is a brawl where you need to fight head on with a partner. And while there are other brawler games out there, Streets of Rage earned a slot in the list. Thanks to the distinctly unforgettable score of Yuzo Koshiro.


6. Duck Hunt




Get ready to be frustrated as you wait for your game only to not be able to shoot it down. Good if your a keen hunter with a eye that could hit a target with one sure shot. This game came before other first-person shooter games. And while it did not involve zombies, aliens, mutants, or other horrific foes, the game gives you the opportunity to pull that trigger and collect the waterfowl population which unluckily came your way.


5. Super Mario Kart



Super Mario Kart is a game best played with four players. Everyone enjoys their own favorite Kart. But this definitely will blow you away. It is one of the best retro games developed overtime which produced millions of happy players. SNES definitely earned a thumbs up.


4. Tetris



One of the most-played games in time, Tetris survived the test of time from its humble roots. Now the game can be played in groups of colored shapes arranged to ensure the lowest horizontal line. The game becomes more challenging as the shapes are dropped at a faster pace with each level. The longer you are able to evade the rising of the shapes to the top of the screen, the greater your score, the higher level you reach. And this game develops that craving in you to beat the time with each level.


3. Sensible Soccer



Football is not only worth watching out for in actual or in video. It is also one of the best games played in arcade. And who would not have an affection to one of the best soccer games in arcade, Sensible Soccer or Sensi which featured aftertouch and boasted of friendly graphics. Mega and Amiga would agree that Sensi is among the top games throughout time.


2. Outrun



Outrun is a classic game which involves a cool car (Ferrari Testarrosa) cruising along American road with a beautiful view of the strip and the blue sky and with a beautiful passenger. Sega’s game may not be a speed race comparable to Need for Speed. But it is quite fun with moving cabinets, colorful graphics and celebratory music. Definitely a great game to play while you hang out and chill.


1. Super Mario Brothers 3



The Super Mario Brothers are known throughout time with signature characters Mario and Luigi. This game by Nintendo takes players to Mario and Luigi’s adventures to save Princess Toadstool from Bowser and the Koopalings. The game was so famous, it was made into a movie. Exciting, brilliant, close-to-perfect, this platform game definitely deserves to be at the top spot of the greatest video games of all time. And it is a certified classic that will surely endure time.



Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News