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The strangest toy adverts on the net

Ian Harvey


Television adverts for toys have changed so much over the years, and now you can see a whole range of vintage toy commercials that you’ll probably remember from childhood on the internet. But there are some also really strange toy adverts that are a little less well known. Here are some of the strangest.


First Barbie TV Advert – this actually took place in 1959 and in those days there were no issues with how skinny or perfect Barbie was. She was the epitome of beauty and was the doll every young girl wanted and to be like.


Hasbro Pie Face game – this advert demonstrates how the game hits its participants in the face with a pie as they turn handles and see the pie rotate round the board. You have to be a child to get excited about being hit in the face with a pie.

Milky the Marvellous Milking Cow – this is a fully functioning toy cow, where you can pour water into her mouth and then she can actually be milked. Unfortunately the milk isn’t drinkable.

Mr and Mrs Potato Head – the classic, simple child’s toy of a set of plastic accessories and body parts that you could simply push into a raw potato to create and mimic people’s faces. The advert was a classic in its era. (Social Times)

Retro Swing Wing – the swing wing looks quite a toy and was similar to the hula hoop but was designed to be worn on the head. It would move and twirl round as you moved your head back and forth creating quite a spin.

Baby Laugh A Lot – this is a popular classic advert on the internet with more than five million views, but not because it is cute or funny, but because it’s so scary. Reminiscent of the horror movie ‘Dolls’ the baby is a scary laughing doll that will do more to scare little girls than entertain them.

Gaylord The Dog – was a retro plastic walking basset hound and was a popular choice with young kids in his heyday. Gaylord came with his own collar and lead and could walk along with his owner with moveable legs.

Ding-A-Lings – these were small toy robots that came in all shapes, sizes and characters. They could walk and make noises and entertained children for hours.

Inchworm from Romper Room 197 – the inchworm was a great way to get around the house when you’re tiny enough to fit on it. The worm was a green plastic, larger than life worm that had a hump in the middle and which a young child could sit on and ride round the room.


Magic Potty Baby – speed through time and we get to the 1991 Magic Potty Baby television advert. This was for little girls who liked playing ‘mother’ and could sit their dolls on the potty. The potty would fill up with yellow coloured water and they could then flush it away until their doll needed the potty again.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News