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Bon Appetit’s Weirdest Vintage Recipes Ever Published

Neil Patrick
Bon Appetit features the best dishes created all around the globe throughout time and evolved and reinvented through decades.
It may not have come to your attention but your favorite food magazine also highlights some of the most famous and weirdest dishes and recipes ever prepared.
Double-A Salad, ’71
Sweet and nutritious, the Double A salad is more of a heavier dessert that can complement a tasty meal. The salad is a combo of your healthy apple and avocado. Packed with nutrients, this mouth-watering treat can be eaten as dessert, snacks or light meal.
California Waldorf Salad, 74
CA Walfdorf salad
The California Waldorf is one of the favorite Waldorf salads. However, it is served not with the creamy dressing but with the Dijon Balsamic Vinaigrette. Healthy and easy to prepare, it is one of the classic salad prepared differently.
Seven-Layer Sandwich Cake, ’69
If you are not contented with the regular sandwich, then you’ll certainly have your fill of the sandwich cake. It has frosting so you’ll think it is your regular cake. And once you cut it, you will be surprised to find that it comes in seven layers of sandwich.
Blue Cheese Mousse, 73
Blue cheese mousse is a great complement to top your favorite salty cracker or to mix with that healthy vegetable dip. This recipe might require some effort to prepare but it certainly is worth your while. And don’t be deceived by its looks. It appears simple and yet it carries a burst of flavor.
Avocado Meatza, ’76
The Avocado Meatza may rhyme with pizza. And it may taste a little bit of the most favorite meal with some of the ingredients being the same. This tasty meal is composed of cheddar cheese on top of lean ground meat. Take a bite of this treat and you will get a burst of surprising combo of cherry tomatoes, bacon and well, avocados.
Artichokes Italian, ’76
A serving of a mixture of just about everything that can be seen in the antipasto table, Artichokes Italian is one bizarre meals served in artichoke cups. This dish simply is bizarre while it leaves a good taste in the mouth right out of Mother’s Italian kitchen.
Fruit Cake Tree, ’63
It’s tall. It looks like a tree. And it’s a fruitcake. The all time favorite fruit cake in the table during just about any occasions served in a rather peculiar way. So the question is, “How are you gonna cut the cake?”. Well, those who have prepared the dish have decades of practice.
Low-Calorie Cheesecake, ’75
ow Cal Cheesecake
Once you have started eating cheese cake, you simply cannot stop. And the regular cheese cake is in no way low in calorie. So how did they manage to cut down the fat count? Prepared with half the fat content, you can manage to indulge in this delectable treat without the guilt.
Man-Style Beef Stroganoff, ’68


The Man-style beef stroganoff is believed to rank only second to Manwich. This dish was said to be prepared by a “smart girl” to snare a man into falling in love with her. The vintage recipe remains loved by males and it will continue to be women’s secret weapon to a man’s heart. So they say.
Hawaiian-Style Sandwich Lomi-Lomi Salmon on White Bread, ’64
The Hawaiian-Style Sandwich Lomi-Lomi Salmon on White Bread made it to the list first and foremost for its rather bizarre name. Second, is a fusion of western and pacific flavors that leaves some who are accustomed to their local flavors wondering.

Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News