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Games from the Past – ‘90s delight for gamers

Ian Harvey

Who doesn’t like a bit of delight from the past? Call it ‘Nostalgia’ or a peek into the past, every one of us who witnessed the birth of video games and the World Wide Web, still love to jump back in time.

Super Mario Kart (1992)

maxresdefault (2) [Via]

This vintage version of Mario is not only ‘Super Fun’, it’s equally easy to play on the keyboard. You can squeeze a few moments of Super Mario Kart into your lunch breaks or while you are commuting to work.

Super Mario World (1990)

maxresdefault (3) [Via]

One of the best games featuring the most loved superstar of the ‘90s, ‘Mario’, it is no doubt an addictive delight from the ‘90s. It is highly unlikely that you have never come across this game; but if by some narrow chance you missed it in the ‘90s, give it a try now. You are going to love it.

Sonic 2 (1992)

hqdefault (2) [Via]

One of the fastest games from the ‘90s, with an array of hard gradients, this game truly helped shape scores of modern super fast games.

Doom 3 (1993)

doom-3 [Via]

This action-packed game is fun on so many levels. Equipped with terrifying scenarios and fun movements, this game is among the forefathers of famous war games of 21st century. (BuzzFeed)

Turtles in Time (1992)

maxresdefault (4) [Via]

Whether you are a huge TMNT fan, or a ‘beat-em-up’ game enthusiast, this is a perfect package for you. The best thing about this game, according to the ‘90s geeks, is the independence to choose your favourite turtle, the one that feels right for you.

Super Streetfighter 2: Turbo (1992)

maxresdefault (5) [Via]

Everyone knows about Streetfighter, responsible for dislocating a large number of fingers of the players using arcades in the ‘90s, Super Streetfighter 2 was revered and honoured by every player in the world.

Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past (1991)

snes_zelda_a_link_to_the_past_secret_passage [Via]

Another gaming icon from Nintendo, LOZ: A Link To The Past was an action adventure game and the third instalment in the LOZ series.

Star Fox (1993)

1306083021star-fox-1993 [Via]

If you want to lose track of time and space, go ahead and try Star Fox. It is, beyond a shred of doubt, a work of art and ingenuity.

Streets of Rage (1992)

maxresdefault (6) [Via]

Though a sort of repetitive and limited game, Streets of Rage became quite famous for its excruciatingly monotonous format and colourful characters.

Alone in the Dark (1992)

aitd_1 (1) [Via]

One of the very earliest scary games, ‘Alone in the Dark’ is considered a better scare than most of the resident evil games, apart from a few good ones, obviously.

Elite (1984)

maxresdefault (7) [Via]

Launched by Acorsoft in 1984, Elite belongs to the game genre of seminal space trading video games. At least 30 years ahead of its time, Elite was reportedly inspired by Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Mega Men X (1993)

Mega-Man-37-Preview [Via]

One of the classic and iconic action-platformer games, Mega Men X is exciting and complex at the same time.

Battletoads (1991)

Battletoads_Coverart [Via]

You could not find many people in the ‘90s playing Battletoads. This was not because it was not famous, but because it was not for everyone. Battletoads was considered one of the hardest and most complex games of the ‘90s.

Super Castlevania IV (1991)

castlevania4-spot2 [Via]

Published by Konami in 1991, this game was the first Castlevania version made available for Super NES. This game falls under the action-platformer genre of video games and is still played, after its re-release in 2006.

Duke Nukem 3D (1996)

duke-nukem-3d-dos-ingame-58420 [Via]

Loud, 3-dimensional and thrilling, this game paved the way for a whole new genre of games in warfare and close combat.

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

sb_5 [Via]

One of the earliest futuristic games, Speedball 2 presents a scenario in the future where, in a game of netball, contestants get beaten up.

Prince of Persia (1989)

Prince Of Persia 1 pc game [Via]

Beautifully crafted and full of a bunch of adventures and possibilities, Prince of Persia rocked the world of many throughout the ‘90s. There is no shortage of people today who’d love to invest some time on this amazing treat from the ‘90s.

Mortal Kombat II (1993)


One of the pioneers of games that laid the foundation stone for fighting games, Mortal Kombat II has a gripping format and amazing graphics.

Donkey Kong Country (1994)

dkc_05 [Via]

Produced by Rare, which was a big name in gaming production back in the ‘90s, Donkey Kong Country was way ahead of its time and was extremely amusing.

Earthworm Jim (1994)

333304-earthworm-jim [Via]

Almost 20 years ago, Earthworm Jim entertained and amused game enthusiasts by artistically merging fun with adventure. It is still played by many and is respected as one of the most fun-filled games of all time.

Super Metroid (1994)

maxresdefault (8) [Via]

One of the most awesomely programmed games of its time, Super Metroid made its name for its endless webs of complexity and gripping format.

Aladdin (1993)

maxresdefault (9) [Via]

One of the earliest games with a historic plot, and graphics that resemble historically memorable places. The character that everyone heard about in books while growing up can be seen fighting evil in this game.

NBA Jam (1993)

Nba-jam-dunk [Via]

A treat for NBA fans, this game enabled many to ‘slam-dunk’ as many times as they possibly could. A powerful game with great audio and pretty gripping graphics (by ‘90s standards).

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News