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MUST READ: 10 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Disney

Neil Patrick


Walt Disney has become and continues to be integral to many of the childhood experiences. Since the inception of the company by founder, Walter “Walt” Disney. What started as a humble company that released cartoons for children has now grown to a giant in the film and entertainment industry.

Children and the young at hearts all over the globe are audiences to the company’s movies and series. Theme parks, Disneyland, set up all around the world are packed with never-ending numbers of crowds of different colors and different ages. Every child would have a dream come true going to Disneyland and enjoying the rides, games and shows. There is no doubt Walt Disney has made a name for itself.

There are many interesting facts that you might want to know about this very old and large company. We specially chose 10 of these to spark your curiosity about your favorite childhood company.



Back in the 60’s, anyone with facial hair was bound to be stereotyped as a hippie. More often than not, he/she is one. The company, not wanting any association with the movement, required all male employees especially those who played Disney characters to get rid of any sign of facial hair. So basically, you must be clean-shaven or plucked to keep your job at the company. The policy actually started in the 50’s and it wasn’t only until 2000 when the policy was eased to a compromise. Employees get to keep their mustaches as long as they are trimmed neatly.



Walt Disney and his company is no stranger to nominations and awards from the Oscars. The company claims around 200 nominations with more than 50 accumulated wins. And these account for only those under its name. Not to mention the awards and nominations raked in by Pixar, which by the way was bought by the company. The founder himself, Walter, enjoys the prestige of nominations and awards in the Oscars.



The company has strict rules against employees dating other Disney employees. And they definitely are not allowed to entice or entertain flirtations from clients. Dear old Walt wants everyone in the company to be strictly professional. At least this was what “Jack Sparrow” revealed at an LA Magazine. And when a photo of him kissing his supposed “Ariel” girlfriend went out, the pirate was let go.  After which, he was free to claim his “booty”. What a person would do for love.



For a famous company that started with only a vision, Disney certainly want to make sure all the company’s sweat and hard-work don’t fall to misuse or to another’s advantage. And for a company that publicizes fun and friendship, they prove to be very fierce, ironically, in protecting their trademark. You can ask the three day care centers in Florida which got nearly sued for showcasing 5-foot Disney character depictions. And that couple who were sued for one million for unknowingly advertising costumes of Eeyore, Tiger and Pooh for parties. Lesson learned? It’s business, nothing personal.




The famous vault holds all of Disney’s movie treasures. Famous movies that become huge hits were re-released to the public a decade after its first public introduction for the new generation audiences. The company saw wisdom to this practice when “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” made a huge hit back then. And they found out that they could re-make money by re-showing the all-time Disney favorites to the new audiences. Aside from the profit, the vault has made Disney movies timeless classics.



The wooden puppet and his maker was Disney’s big hit with its playful soundtrack. And the first soundtrack which was made on sale gave the company huge profits. Who would have thought that music from movies could sell alongside new wave, rock and roll, pop or disco? Since then, Disney made sure that soundtracks of its movies become huge hits. And soundtracks become ingrained in their projects from “Steamboat Willie” to the future movies.



Disney is an empire… literally. Walt Disney World situated in Lake Buena Vista, Florida alone boasts of the company’s huge empire. The entire ground is reportedly twice the size of Manhattan. The World features attractions and resorts in a wide ground that one would find a day barely enough to make a rounds of what Disney has to offer. It would take about 40 years for a normal person to clean the amount of linens used daily by the guests of the resorts. It would take half a million miles on the mowers to cover the landscaped grounds about 47 miles in a year. Walt Disney World saved about 2.5 billion gallons of water in the last seven years pushing efforts to mitigate its water use. A small world? We don’t think so.



If you chance to visit any of the theme parks and resorts of Walt Disney, be on look-out for Mickey’s ears hidden all around the grounds. The ears could take the shape of a clock or a rock or an innocent painting. It might be embossed on the tile you are standing on. This is part of the fun and mystery of Disneyland. Can you find all of the hidden ears?



Walt Disney loved Disneyland. He was very much hands-on from the creation of a dream to the creation of Walt Disney World in reality to the expansion of the company. To make sure, he was always there, he built an apartment inside the grounds. It was about an hour from his main residence in California. Located above Disneyland Fire Department on Main Street, the apartment became Walter’s second home. Employees would know that the founder was in his apartment because his light would remain lit at night as seen from outside his window. To this date, the company still maintains the apartment just as Walter left it after his death almost 50 years ago. The light is left lit in memory of the great old guy.



Disneyland is surely a fun place to be. But the place also holds a deadly record including killer rides. Over the years since the theme park was created in the 50s, there had been deaths reported due to rides that went from exciting to fatal. Most of these deaths, however, were mostly the fault of guests who failed to follow instructions and safety guidelines. So the next time you decide to take a ride, always listen to the safety guy, follow his instructions, sit back and enjoy Walt Disney’s gift and legacy to the world.

Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News