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Vintage Photos of Famous People in History

Neil Patrick

It’s not always you come across your favorite famous people. Some of them you might never get to see in your lifetime. So much for wishful thinking. No need to fret. Thanks to the inventors of photography, we can still get a glimpse of how these people lived their lives in very rare captured images of famous people.

You do not always get to see them like they are in these rare photographs. So feast your eyes on some of the photos we have selected of Hollywood stars, political figures, artists and other famous people in some of their casual or candid moments.


Bruce Willis, Arnold Shwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone [Via]


Edward Van Halen [Via]


Amelia Earhart [Via]


Franky with Pancakes [Via]


A young Barrack Obama with his mother [Via]


Fidel Castro and Ernestot “Che”Guevara” Dela Serna Fishing [Via]


Axl Rose of Guns N Roses arrested. [Via]


1966 photo of Michael Caine Reading. [Via]


Leonardo de Caprio (right) [Via]


George Lucas and Steven Speilberg [Via]


Paul McCartney of Beatles and Michael Jackson [Via]


Bruce Willis [Via]


Adolf Hitler on a ground-breaking ceremony on his ambitious plan for linking the major German highways.[Via]

The brilliant Albert Einstein [Via]


The Beatles concert, Paul McCartney having fun drumming. [Via]


Mohammad Ali with The Beatles. [Via]

Charlie Chaplain with other Britain’s iconic and famous people. [Via]


Young Steven Tyler [Via]


Kurt Cobain [Via]


A 1975 photo of Bob Marley with George Harrison. [Via]


Old photo of Madonna with Sting and Tupac. [Via]


Steve Jobs with Steve Wozniak. [Via]


The famous Bill Gates spending detention time.

Johnny Depp [Via]

Elvis Presly in the army [Via]

You might think these famous people are famous because they are special and famous in their own right. And yet, as seen in these photographs, they are pretty much normal people living normal lives — enjoying, eating, getting in trouble with the law, partying and joining the army.





Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News