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LOVE IT! Amazing Drone Videos Over Popular “Ghost Towns”

Ian Smith

There is something about ghost towns and creepy abounded places that gives you more than a spooky feeling and goose bumps, some sort of a weird fascination filled with sadness.

Some smart people used the benefit of nowadays technology and the unmanned aerial vehicles known as drones and documented how this amazing ghost town look from a bird perspective.

These drone videos reflect the wounded places and the dark spots of the history that have left behind an empty places with thousands of sad stories untold.

A peak of the Ghost Town Detroit

The popular cinematographer from New York  John Marton, went in Detroit to capture the beauty of the town of ghosts.  The precise locations that have been shot are the Packard Automotive Plant, the Eastown Theater and the Fisher Body Plant.

Unfinished Washington State nuclear power plant

Satsop Nuclear Power Plant in Washington was abounded right after its massive construction in 1980. The imagery is stunning and it will make you feel super small.


Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland was the largest massive destruction Nazi camp in the era of hollocaust.Even though this is one of the tourist attractions in Poland, this camp is abounded and a reflection on one of the darkest spots of human history.

The Japanasese FukushimaTomioka

After the massive Tsunami in Tomioka, Japan, the nuclear reactor Fukushima cause a huge radiation leak in the city. So the 13.000 residents of Tomioka moved away and left the abounded city alone with its wounds.

Chernobyl’s nuclear ghost town-Prypiat

The explosion of the nuclear plant in Chernobyl is one of the most dangerous and life threating nuclear explosion in the human history. The Ukranian city Pripyat   and its 50,000 residents as a result of the enormous amount of radiation leak had to left the town.

Craco,  Italian ghost town

The Italian city Crasco was evacuated in  1960s due to huge natural disaster. Now, this ghost town and its spooky beauty are popular filming location.

Ian Smith

Ian Smith is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News