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Children of the past :20 Adorable Historical Photos Of Kids That Will Warm your heart

Ian Smith

Children will be children, in every era, modern or primitive, they are happy, they love animals and their only goal is to play no matter if the toy is a high tech game boy or on abounded German artillery.

Children from the past didn’t have much like the nowadays kids, they have been growing in the midst of terrible wars, miserable condition and poverty, but that was not an obstetrical for a giant smile.

The world is a much happier place through the eyes of a pure child, we all know that, and these photos reflect a innocent and pure happiness in its best light. We have to warn you that some of these photos are unbearably adorable and will force you to use “awwww…” more than you should.

Austrian Boy Receives New Shoes during WWII

Boy in the ruins with his stuffed animal toy

Chistopher Robin and The Real Winnie The Pooh

Cuteness Overload

Excited French Girl With her Cat


Girl Play the bojo to her well amused dog

Girl Playing in the Water

Goosebumps Alert!

Little Ballerina Dance In Front of her fans: The teddy bear

Russian Children Playing On Abounded German Artillery


Switching Roles


 Improvisation is a bliss

The Japanese Diva

The little Accordion genius

The Marilyn Monroe Effect

The Merry Poppins effect

The New Yorker

The Reader

The ultimate swing

Ian Smith

Ian Smith is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News