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Vintage Photography of Charles H. Traub: New York and Italy

Neil Patrick
This image is featured in the book Dolce Via: Italy in the 80s. A couple Kissing at a harbour.
This image is featured in the book Dolce Via: Italy in the 80s. A couple Kissing at a harbour.

The photography of Charles H. Traub is known for almost 50 years and is widely exhibited worldwide. The man is the founder and chairof the MFA Photography, Video and Related Media program at the School of Visual Arts. He is also the president of the Aaron Siskind Foundation.

Charles H. Traub has published seven books that most photographers nowadays admire, such In the Still Life, Aaron Siskind: Roadtrip Photographs (photographs taken from 1980-1988), Dolce Via: Italy in the 1980s (The photographs in this book were taken in Italy from 1980’s) and others books. Due to his marvelous work, most major museum in the world added his photography to their collection.

The following pictures are some of the photography of Charles H. Traub.


The Early Work of Charles H. Traub

Most early work of Traub were taken black and white. And here are some them.

A kid sitting on the grass. [Via]

Men outside the house and a “One Way” sign. [Via]

Man holding the window. [Via]

Nude girl on bed. [Via]

In the Still Life

This book contain photographs from the mid 1980s up to the present. According to Charles H. Traub, “I took them on the fly while conducting other photo business—editorial, commercial and the like. Only recently did I understand that they are connected to and are the impetus for my current work. They are all still lives made from my passing of the real world. All of these images are now transformed by time and new associations and have little connection to any reason for which they might have originally been made. They are ascribed new roles via their ability to stimulate the viewer’s own memories or fantasies of similar passages through the social landscape. I hope that the strength of these images is that they assume different guises for different people yet remain relics (still lives) of the period and places in which they were made. For myself, I do not divorce the illusionary aspect of the photographs from the things that I know are real in the world.”.

Here are some of the content of the book “In the Still Life”.

People in the mist. [Via]

Children and a burning house. [Via]

A beautiful limo. [Via]

A busy day. [Via]

 The force of nature. [Via]


Dolce Via: Italy in the 1980’s

The book Dolce Via: Italy in the 1980’s was created due to Traub’s  frequent visit in Italy. The content of this book is full of eye-catching color photos which was also, for the first time appearance since the mid 80s’.

Taking a picture of replicas. [Via]

Couples dating . [Via]

These two following photographs were taken from Staten Island, New York at Alice Austin’s house.


A wonderful shot of a child under a tree.


1988 [Via]

A birthday party in New York. Father carrying her daughter.






Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News