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Quasar Khahn, The Iconic Figure On The Late 1960s

Neil Patrick

In 1967-68, he developed the very first line of inflatable furniture, the collection “Aerospace” which will instantly become a standard of design.His ‘Chesterfield’ sofas, ‘Apollo’ chairs, ‘Relax’ lounge chair and other inflatable lamps … were manufactured between 1968 and 1972 in the suburbs of Paris, in a beach toy factory. They were made entirely in PVC by hand like pieces of “haute couture”, and for some, the assemblies were made with metal rings.

Quasar, whose real name is Nguyen Manh Khanh, was born in Hanoï, Vietnam. He arrived in Paris with his family in 1949 and studied engineering at the prestigious Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées. In 1957, he married a young fashion designer; both will mark their time and form a creative and avant-garde couple.



A portrait of Quasar Khahn. [Via]

quasar khahn family

Quasar Khahn’s family on his inflatable furniture. (1968)   [Via]

Quasar Khan The Cube

The ‘Cube’, Paris 1968. A “Quasar Unipower'” design in 1967 and released a year after.  [Via]

quasar khahn

The Inflatable House of Phillip Starck made as a tribute to the great designer Quasar Khahn.  (1969) [Via]

venus armchair aerospace colllecionThe  Venus Armchair ‘Aerospace’ Collection (1968) [Via]

Quasar Khahn satellite ChairQuasar Khahn’s Inflatable Satellite Chair ‘Aerospace Collection’  (1968) [Via]

Quasar4Model ‘Apollo’, Aerospace collection (1968)

modular sofa apollo

Modular sofa ‘Apollo’ (1968) [Via]


The Relax Lounge (1968) [Via]


Chesterfield Sofa  [Via]

The Aerospace Collection

aerospace collection





hydra air boat

The Hydrairbus 100  [Via]

Inflatable-furniture ads

A book page showing an article on how Quasar Khahn revolutionized the decade with his idea.  [Via]


A Vintage Ad on Quasar Khahn’s Inflatable Lounge Chair [Via]

Inflatable-Chair1A vintage image of a woman sitting on an inflatable chair. [Via]





Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News