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How Things Looked Like In The ’50s: Color Photos of Everyday Life Back in the 1950s

Ian Smith

We all have this big idea of the past, that everything was better and in general it was, especially the everyday life, specifically in the 50s’ was way more relaxed and slow paced than nowadays.

So, here to reveal how things looked like in the 50’s when there was no Photoshop nor crazy beauty standards, we’ve created this collection of 36 photos that reflect the tings and life from the 50s.

That’s the 5 best friends with their children. The kids moved away, but the moms lived in the same city their whole life

That’s a Cub Scout 1st prize blue ribbon for a father son cooking contest on April 4, 1954.

That’s a golfing birthday cake for golfer number one in the house in August 1954.

That’s how to build a boy scout tent in the 2nd grade in 1951.

That’s neighborhood kids with no blood relation getting together to take a pic in 1953.

This is how to make a chameleon spontaneously combust.

This is how to romance a lady in 1959 with a weird cat-looking thing in the background.


This is the last thing Joe remembered before blacking out in 1950. We are not allowed to speak of this.


This is what 5 best friends from grammar school in the 1920s looked like in 1950.

This is what a backyard barbecue looked like.

This is what a canoe on a 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 looked like in 1957.

This is what a Christmas tree in a swimming pool looked like in 1957.

This is what a Daisy Bikini looked like in 1955

This is what a driving test looked like.

This is what a monster tv with just 2 knobs looked like. This apparently is also where Ba-Ba-Loo-icious comes from.


This is what a photo-shoot at a photo club looked like in 1957.

This is what a scooter death trap looked like in Florida, and the dog seems to know its life is in danger.



This is what a string of keepers looked like.

This is what a stunning bathing suit looked like in 1956, with ever-so curious boys in the background

This is how Angels looked like in 1951.




This is what a lot of oranges looked like at the Miami Orange Bowl Game, 1951.

This is what being ignored at a photo-shoot looked like in 1957.


This is what gossip looked like in 1954.

This is what hep cats looked like.

This is what kids did in 1958 before video games.

This is what moms legs looked like in 50s.

This is what Niagara Falls looked like in 1957.

This is what old school monkeybars looked like at Silvergate Elementary School, Point Loma, San Diego, CA., September 1954.


This is what people who eat fruit on a picnic looked like.

This is what real bikes looked like on July 12, 1954,

This is what the biggest beach hat looked like.

This is what the craziest lamp ever looked like in 1959 with Florida souvenir sword fish next to it.

This is what the luckiest man in the world looked like.

This is what the remains of a red fish looked like in 1959.

This is what young women canoeing on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe looked like in 1959.

Ian Smith

Ian Smith is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News