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1980’s Photograph of Skinhead Subculture in Britain

Neil Patrick

The Skinhead movement is one of Britain’s biggest subculture in the 1980’s. It has originated from the youth of the working class in London, England. And the word “Skinhead” was base on the member’s physical feature and the name became known by 1968, and in ’69 it became so popular. But, it has slowly fading by the early 70’s. By the time of the restoration of the Skinhead subculture in 1979 onward, it became widespread in the United Kingdom and even in the European continent. The Skinhead subculture was based on fashion, music and lifestyle, not by race or politics.

Here are some photos from the decade where the Skinhead movement show their strength, 1979 onward.


neo nazis skinheads march

March on the streets of London. (1980’s) [Via]

skinheads kids neo nazis

Youth in Britain on a demonstration. (1989) [Via]

neo nazis skinheads march2

A view from the top. (1980’s) [Via]

neo nazis skinheads

Salute! (1980’s) [Via]

skinhead movement mob[Via]

london skinheads nazis


skindhead movement dog and police

Police used dogs to surround skinheads at Southend-on-Sea. (1982) [Via]

As time goes by, media and subsequently the general public, had come to view that the skinhead subculture promotes Neo-Nazism and racism.

Skinheads kids pose

London Skinhead kids. (1983) [Via]

skinheads walking

Skinhead Boys walking on King’s Road, London. (1979) [Via]

Group of skinheads 80sSkinhead youth in Britain (1980’s) [Via]

skinhead tat ;ip

A tattoo on the lip “Skins”. (1980) [Via]

Skinheads britain The Last Resort in Goulston Street, Aldgate. (1981)photos by Derek RidgersVia]

skinheads in chelsea 1982 derek ridgers

Group salute in Chelsea (March 1982)  Photos by Derek Ridgers [Via]

skinheads NearCarnaby

A youngster Near Carnaby Street (1980s) photos by Derek Ridgers [Via]

skinhead girls bank holiday brighton

Two skinhead girls taking a photo on a bank holiday in Brighton. (1980’s) – photos by Derek Ridgers [Via]

skinhead john and dave]

John and Dave in Chelsea. (1981)photos by Derek Ridgers [Via]

skins soho

Soho (1984)photos by Derek Ridgers [Via]

skins tat

June (1981) – photos by Derek Ridgers [Via]

skins cross tat

Smiler in Soho (1984) photos by Derek Ridgers [Via]

skinhead cris

Chris in Kings Road (1984) –  photos by Derek Ridgers [Via]

Tattoos have been famous in the skinhead subculture since at least the 1970’s by the time it was revived. In the 80’s in Britain,  some of them had tattooed the word “Skin” on the faces, forehead and lips.


Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News