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10 Notorious Mugshots of Rock Stars That are Worth Seeing

Ian Harvey

Call it a cliche or stereotype, but it’s not a secret that most of the  iconic Rock Stars led a pretty lawless and “bad-ass” way of life.

Corpus delicti, for their  “rebellion lifestyle, are these mugshots we found.  Check them out:

Axl Rose

As 18-year-old Axl Rose posed for the above Lafayette, Indiana police mug shot in July 1980, this was the beginning of his career as a lead singer in Guns’n Roses and often guest at the police station.

David Bowie

The music legend and rock chameleon, David Bowie was arrested in New York in March 1976  on a felony pot possession charge. Then 29-year-old Bowie, along with fellow Rock colleague,  Iggy Pop were nabbed at a Rochester hotel following a concert.  The Thin White duke was held n the Monroe County jail for a few hours before being released.

Frank Sinatra

“Ol’ Blue Eyes” was arrested in 1938   by the Bergen County, New Jersey, for carrying on  with a married woman, which in that time was considered as an infringement.The charge was later changed to adultery, and eventually dismissed.

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin was arrested by the Tampa Police for “obscenity” while playing a show with B.B. King and others in the hall on November 16, 1969

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was arrested and charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure and profanity in 1970 in Florida. The singer was arrested for exposing himself during a concert in Miami.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimmy Hendrix was arrested at the International Airport airport in Canada, for possessing heroin and hashish. The singer decline that the drugs is his and claimed  they were slipped into his bag by a fan without his knowledge was later acquitted of the charges.

Johnny Cash


The Man in Black also had the problem to pass the U.S. Customs, after they found hundred of pep pills and tranquilizers in his luggage.Cash paid a $1000 fine and received a 30-day suspended sentence.

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was arrested by Aberdeen, Washington police in May 1986 and charged with trespassing while intoxicated

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger, 23, was busted after police, acting on a tip, raided the country home of fellow Rolling Stone Keith Richards, who was also collared. Jagger, and were arrested for a narcotics charge.

Steven Tyler


The front man of Silversmith posed for this mug shot in March 1967 after Yonkers, New York police busted the future rock star, then 18, for pot possession.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News