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Nostalgic Collection of Abounded Vintage Cars

Ian Smith

The project Palermo Vejo is a photo series taken by an Advertising student, who decided to capture the abounded vintage cars in a charming neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Palermo Viejo.

The abounded cars are  beautiful  memento of the past and some of them are really rare, amazing models.


Check them out!

IMG_6721_11_640 IMG_6742_640 IMG_6805_640 IMG_6819_640 IMG_7184_640 IMG_7186_640 IMG_7188_640 IMG_7194_640 IMG_7195_640 IMG_7232_640

IMG_7241_640 IMG_7246_640 IMG_7250_640 IMG_7256_640 IMG_7262_640 IMG_7263_640 IMG_7265_640 IMG_7270_640 IMG_7273_640

Via: Cargocollective


Ian Smith

Ian Smith is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News