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What Cartoons Teach Kids in the 80’s

Neil Patrick

In 1980’s, cartoons became very popular in televisions. Various cartoon shows hit the attention of so many kids. However, some of these cartoon shows brought messages which gave wrong perception to children viewers. Here are the top 10 cartoon shows that teach kids in the 80’s.

1.  You might have a long lost sibling out there that you might want to hook up with.

cartoon 80s 005


I think it’s safe to say that He-Man and She-Ra were the original Jaime and Cersei Lannister. And don’t act like you didn’t ship it.  [Via]


cartoon 80s 006



2. Gun Battles Cannot Harm Anybody.

cartoon 80s 003


For as many battles as the G.I. Joe Team got in with Cobra Command, no one ever seemed to get wounded. Maybe the fact that they were such bad marksmen was the reason they could never take down Cobra? [Via]


cartoon 80s 004



3. It’s alright that your boyfriend cheats on you.

cartoon 80s 002


Strangely, Jerrica never seemed to have much of an issue that her boyfriend, Rio, was having an affair with her alter-ego Jem.  [Via]



cartoon 80s 001


4. Always help solving a crime whenever it happens.

cartoon 80s 009


The Rescue Rangers were always snooping in on the police and taking on cases that probably should’ve been handled by actual law enforcement — or at least professional rodent law enforcement.  [Via]


cartoon 80s 0013



5. Being the only woman in a situation, high chances of harassment is expected.

cartoon 80s 0014

Poor Smurfette, those perpetually horny Smurfs seemed to never give her a second to breathe. [Via]

cartoon 80s 0015


6. Hurting someone for love is reasonable.

cartoon 80s 0012

Seriously, that Care Bear stare was NO JOKE. The Care Bears might have seemed like cuddly harmless creatures, but they weren’t above taking you down. [Via]

cartoon 80s 0011


7. Showing cruelty and mistreating less fortunate people is an action rewarded for being a very-rich teenager.

cartoon 80s 0017

Beverly Hills Teens was perfectly suited for the ’80s, the decade of excess. The show featured rich spoiled teenagers that in between attending high school, spent all their time living a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous wet dream. Of course the show’s true star was Bianca Dupree, who was the series’ resident villain who used her money to scheme against her friends and be cruel to her chauffeur Wilshire.  [Via]


cartoon 80s 0016[Via]

8. Terrorizing senior citizens is absolutely okay.

cartoon 80s 0018


Poor retired Mr. Wilson, he just wanted to live a peaceful quite life, but Dennis and his gang felt the need to torment him. And even worse, Dennis’ parents seemed perfectly cool with that.  [Via]


cartoon 80s 0019[Via]


9. You should strive to be irresponsible and constantly stoned.

cartoon 80s 0021

Those Fraggles were just bone lazy, and they did nothing but lay around, have the munchies, and share in each others trippy dreams. [Via]

cartoon 80s 0020

On second thought, those hippie Fraggles were onto something. [Via]



10. Nothing is above than Money.
cartoon 80s 0023

Sure, Scrooge McDuck had a rather large extended family, he was even raising his three grandnephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. But what he seemed to care for the most was his vast fortune and his Number One Dime. [Via]


cartoon 80s 0022[Via]
















Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News