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Abandoned since WW1 – the “Explosive quarry”

Brad Smithfield



We discover that breathtaking place a month ago. The location is completely intact : You can find as many sculptures on the walls than there are bullets and bombs on the floor of this quarry. Seems that nothing has been touched since 1916 : The place is very dangerous, full of grenades, mortars bomb, bullets, mines, and all of these are active, or still full of explosives. And to be perfect, the roof is highly unstable. Great work by Marc Askat  and follow them on Facebook 

 Welcome to the “Explosive quarry”.1483734_811963208886335_5418407807183171926_o

“To the Memory of our dead”10733739_811963648886291_6457737874693632218_o

One of the many bombs that you can find in this quarry11027456_811963728886283_8361472221338966038_n


List of engaged troops in the quarry between 1914 and 1915 and their officers in charge.11141156_811963625552960_4543707368939051608_n

A sacred heart, sculpted just next to a Saint Jacques Shell. 11145135_811963575552965_3903439512165621865_o

Symbol of one of the infantry corps that was engaged in the quarry, unfortunately very difficult to read.11149710_811963112219678_6018694017806317632_o

The underground church used by the soldiers of the French and British army. Many bullets on the floor, and many bullet impacts on the chapel’s altar.11154913_811963098886346_8989263069731764890_o

The quarry is littered with grenades11155064_811963132219676_6467715931704903514_o

A hundred year old hand grenade 11156325_811963678886288_7651201109182032585_n

The broken faced soldier. We don’t know if the broken face was made in purpose or not. As the “broken faces”, the hardly injured soldier of WW1, was already numerous at the very beginning of this war.11174479_811963175553005_8002715409242469907_o

Ancient bakery model of citroen.11174479_811963228886333_4727046216762696003_o

An olive branch, symbol of peace – sculpted by a soldier11174745_811963595552963_4114375001783346312_oMarianne, the french egerie of the nation with RF ( French Republic ) on her Phrygian cap.

Great work by Marc Askat  and follow them on Facebook 

Brad Smithfield

Brad Smithfield is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News