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Vintage Class Photos of 1950’s from Different Schools

Neil Patrick
Teacher with her students  vintage class photo
Teacher with her students vintage class photo

For how many years on dwelling the earth, living the life adulthood, stressful responsibilities often make us think going back to childhood, especially the years where we meet our first best-friend, our first crush and other stuff that detaches us from the pollution of liabilities. But things doesn’t work that way.

Well, even though going back to be a kid again isn’t possible, we are gifted with memories that make us cherish those days. We will start remembering those days with these following vintage class photos of different schools in the 50’s.

Students of Venetia Elementary School in Jacksonville, Florida batch 1959- 1960 posed inside the classroom with their teacher.  [Via]

1950-1951 (Graham Avenue Primary School, Kelowna)

Class photo of grade one students with their teacher Miss Appy Heit.  [Via]

1952 (Glenn Avenue School)

A grade two class from Glenn Avenue School with their teacher Miss Hartsman. [Via]

1955 (Martin Avenue Elementary School, Kelowna)

This is the 1955 grade five students of Mr. Ed Gabel. [Via]


1954 (Sloan Street Primary School)


1959 (Lisburn Central School)



1950 (Lisburn Elementary School)

These are the staff of Lisburn Technical. Who among them was your favorite? [Via]


Harris Elementary School (Key West Florida)



I think this the music club. [Via]

Stretching in mornings! [Via]


Kids learning art. [Via]

The best thing as a kid! [Via]

Students playing baseball with their instructor. [Via]


Practicing for the Cheerdancing Competition?[Via]

I hope that the images above brought a nostalgia to you. I also hope that its worth the time, the break you’d spent reading the content of this article.


Neil Patrick

Neil Patrick is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News