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22 Vintage Curse Words That Now Are Just Hilarious and Adorable

Ian Smith

Nowadays, people are breaking records in using the “F” bomb, but in the past cursing was much of a refined and sophisticated, rather poetic  process, like Rhet Butler don’t giving a damn in Gone With the Wind. The F-word was considered illiterate, trashy and low class.

One year ago, Huntington Post made a fun question pool on their Facebook page, asking fans about the curse words of their youth.

So take a look at the list of the most interesting swear words from the past, that now sound more funny than offensive.

 1. “Frazzlin, “
2. “Heavens to Betsy!”
3. “Jumpin’ Jahosafat!!!”
4.  “Bull corn”
5. “Gadzooks!”
6. “Holy cow,”
7.  “Hell’s bells”
8. “Dagnabit!”
9. “Frickin’, flippin’,
10. “Shoot and Gooollly!! 
11. “Geez Louise,”
12. “Sugartit!” 
13. “Jeez oh man,”
14. “Drats!”
15. “Dagnammit,”
16. “Doggone it!”
17. ” What the fudge “
18. ” Jiminy Cricket”
19. “Holy moly”
20. “Dang, darn, Holy Mary-Mother of Jesus, Oh Hell and Jesus Help Me Holy Ghost. 
21.”Oh, Fudge”
22. “Son of a gun”


Ian Smith

Ian Smith is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News