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15 Common Questions Asked By Kids from People Born in 80’s and 90’s

Neil Patrick

Due to the rapid advancement of technology, kids today found it confusing on how people lived their lives in the past few decades. Can remember asking my parents about new ‘tech’ which was a twin tub washing machine! So, lets have a look at some of the questions from around the net:

1. Explaining what a CD is and where to get them:

questions 3


2. Explaining what a DVD is:

questions 5 questions 6


3. Why was Y2K the scariest thing ever:

questions 9


4. Life before text messaging:

questions 1

5. Or worse yet, life before cell phones:

questions 2


6. If these gadgets were made during 1980’s, we would have had enjoyed playing them.

questions 12


7. And really questionable fashion choices:

questions 15


8. Every cartoon you ever loved:

questions 13


9. Why you won’t SHUT UP about the 90s:

questions 21


10. Don’t question the haircuts, it may be one of your father’s.
questions 14


11. How porn on television was a thing:

questions 18


12. But they will know what Pokémon is. Right? Hopefully?

questions 20


13. Tastes in music (or lack thereof):

questions 16


14. Can you explain it now?

questions 17


15. How smoking pot was illegal:

questions 7