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5 of the most beautiful classic cars

We live in the modern age where cars are getting more and more futuristic and in my eyes looking more and more like bubbles and are all looking pretty similar to one another, there are exceptions I might add. Don’t get me wrong the future is the way forward and car manufacturers are always looking to enhance their vehicles, what happened to the creative exterior from the old days?

For example family sedans are slowly starting to look like one another even though they hail from different brands, to prove my point i’m going to list five cars below that nothing today can compare to. I’m limiting myself to one car per manufacturer.

Ferrari 250 GTO

No two cars are identical, but that doesn’t matter. If you see this car in the flesh your jaw is hitting the floor. Created as a race car in the early 60’s only 39 were ever built powered by a 4-litre 12 cylinder petrol engine was not just a pretty face but a fantastic race car winning overall championships in three consecutive years. Over the years they have been heavily sought after with collectors paying $52 million for a single unit.

Jaguar E-Type

Again from the early 60’s this magnificent machine graced the roads with its long bonnet and gorgeous tight front grille even Enzo Ferrari couldn’t help himself by saying it’s “The most beautiful car ever made”. Power came from a inline six or a 5.3-litre V12. Six lightweight chassis’s were never built, so guess what Jaguar did with them in 2014? They started to build them using original modes and rolled the gorgeous E-Type out again.

Toyota 2000GT

Now if you’re new to the vintage car scene and you see a classic Toyota on the list you’re probably thinking there is something wrong with me, well you’re wrong. This beauty looks more like it came out of Europe rather than Asia and still remains an iconic classic to-date, built in limited numbers it fetches quite a price at the auction block $1.2 million to be exact. It even made its way into a James Bond film, with its roof down.

Cadillac Coup Deville

Its about time I put an American classic on this list, Cadillac’s Coup Deville has one of the greatest rear ends of all time, look at those fins. Appearing in the late 50’s This is probably the cheapest car on the list but hey Elvis Presley owned a 1961 model and it was pink. Powered a very thirsty 6.4 litre v8 petrol engine, it didn’t move very quickly but it sure looks good.

Delahaye 16C Roadster

First thing that springs to mine when you see it is where are its wheels, then it’s wow! This vehicle looks absolutely stunning with curves in all the right places and the wheel arches covered up making it look as if it’s floating on air, this is one good looking car. Figoni & Falaschi were behind this creation, they also designed for Bugatti, Rolls Royce and other

There’s plenty more where that came from, we’ll have to leave the rest for another time though, why not share your thoughts below! And any aspiring car designs out there need to come up with something to take us back.

Written by Christopher Milbourne Liking cars is a thing I have done since birth, I love talking about cars as much as possible specially verbally, racing cars are my favourite they should be made street legal!

Sam Dickson

Sam Dickson is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News