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20 Menu Items Failures That Will Instantly Kill Your Appetite

Ian Smith

Feeling hungry? – We guarantee you, this article will make you forget about food at least for one hour.

These restaurants and menu items failed so bad, you just feel like you want to give them a hug.


1.A concrete prove that everything tastes better when it’s deep fried!
A prove that everything tastes better when its deep fried
2. Together until a Chinese restaurant tears us apart.

A special Honeymoon Menu

3. Are you up for a Deep Fried Baby

Are you up for a Deep Fried Baby

4. Do you want fries and milkshake with this?

Do you want that baby with fries


5. For all those heartbroken people..

For all those heartbroken people



6. I will have the potato kelp … Wait.. WHAT?


7. In the name of god with vanilla



8. How about some chicken delicates?

How about some chicken delicatesy

9. Nope, I’ll find my evil-fuel for a much reasonable price.

I will have one Hail Satan, thank you


10. And the special of the day is..

It's the special of the day

11. It’s your choice…

It's you choice

12. On a second thought, I’ll order a beer

On a second thought, i'll order a beer

13. How about…

Porn Menu

14. Roasted Lamps are the best

Roasted Lamps are the best

15. The chicken who put a lot of effort…


16. So, how do you like your crap?

That is wide choice of crap

17. We were out of mayo so…

The suplement for mayo in your tuna sanwdich

18.This Colada tastes kind of we….

This Colada tastes make me feel weird

19. Chicken are the worst

Those Chickens are the worst

20.Who Knew…

Who Knew...

Sources: Distractify, Tripbase

Ian Smith

Ian Smith is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News