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Cat ‘Vandalism’: 2,000-year-old Cat’s Paw Print Shows Cats Have Never Cared!

Ian Smith

Let’s face it, cats sometimes act like careless jerks, and this is a concrete proves that they have been prone to ‘vandalism’ since at least Roman times!

An archaeologist at the Gloucester City Museum was examining ancient Roman roof tiles from 100 AD when he came across a fragment that contained a cat’s paw print. According to the BBC, the tile is called tegula, and it was commonly used on the roofs of buildings at the time.


Image credits: Gloucester City Museum


“When Romans made roof tiles they left the wet clay out to dry in the sun,” said a museum spokesman.

“Animals and people, sometimes walked across the drying tiles and left their footprints behind.

“The cat is thought to have snuck across the wet tiles in Gloucester in about AD100, probably at the annoyance of the tile makers, but this did not stop the Romans from using the tile.




Ian Smith

Ian Smith is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News