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15 Fictional Locations That Actually Exist and You Can Visit!

Ian Smith



Because of the super advanced technology, every time we watch a movie with just an amazing exterior or super spooky interior, we are almost sure that the place is pure CGI, existing only in the writer’s  imagination.

Well, the truth is some of the location that you think are fictional, actually exists and you can visit them, like for real.

Check some of them:


Batman-Arkham Asylum

THE REAL LOCATION: Danvers State Hospital in Massachusetts.

Flinstones – The Flinstones House

THE REAL LOCATION: $3.5 million Flintstones-inspired Stone Age bungalow in Malibu, California

Avatar-Hallelujah Mountains


THE REAL LOCATIONVenezuela’s Angel Falls



THE REAL LOCATION:Nærøyfj ord, Norway inspired the animation of Elsa’s kingdom, Arandelle,

Game Of Thrones-Pentos.
Games Of Thrones..

THE REAL LOCATION: Azure Window on the Maltese island of Gozo.

Game of Thrones-King’s Landing

THE REAL LOCATIONoriginally filmed in Mdina, Malta. Shooting later relocated to Dubrovnik, Croatia, to allow for seaside shots.

Harry Potter – Hogwarts Great Hall.

THE REAL LOCATION: Christ Church in Oxford was the model for set designers of the Harry Potter franchise.

Lost-The Island


Star Wars-Tatooine.
Star Wars

THE REAL LOCATION:  Matmata, in the Sahara Desert of Tunisia. A nearby region in Tunisia, Tatouine, gave the planet its name.

Super Friends-The Hall of Justice

THE REAL LOCATION: Cincinnati Union Terminal

The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit- The Shire

THE REAL LOCATION:The set of the Shire from The Lord of the Rings remains intact in the hillside of Matamata, New Zealand. Nearby is the Green Dragon, where the hobbits met Aragorn in The Fellowship of the Ring.

The Hunger Games-President Snow’s House
The Hunger games

THE REAL LOCATION: The historic Swan House in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Lord Of The Rings-Mordor
The Lord Of The Rings

THE REAL LOCATION:Tongariro Nati onal Park in New Zealand.

Up-Paradise Falls

THE REAL LOCATIONVenezuela’s Angel Falls

Winnie The Pooh-The Hundred Acre Wood.
Winnie The Pooh


    THE REAL LOCATION:  East Sussex’s Ashdown Forest.


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Ian Smith

Ian Smith is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News