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Despicable Rumors: Were “Minions” inspired by kids the Nazis used for poison gas experiments?

Ian Smith

This month,  the internet was under a lot of pressure, since a twitter user tried to shatter the image of the most unexplainable adorable and hilarious creatures and our heroes, “The Minions.”


On 19 July 2015, social media user  shared a rather creepy photograph, along with a caption (translated from Spanish to English) claiming that it depicted young Holocaust victims who were subjected to Nazi gas experiments:
So, the image of the innocent yellow, banana-shaped creatures was utterly shattered, until the fact checking blog Snopes, came into the rescue to save the day.
“Snopes”  fairly explained the weird photograph that initially have triggered the confusion .
That’s it, minions are saved, and you can Be-Bi-Bu-Be Bo-De-Do them as you used to.

Ian Smith

Ian Smith is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News