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30 Amazing Photos Show How College Dorm Life Has Changed in the U.S Over 100 Years

Ian Smith

See the evolution of college dorm rooms and dorm life has changed during the years.

Woman’s Drom from 1898


A dorm room in old Chadbourne Hall, ca. 1899.


Male students raised a glass in a boarding house or fraternity, 1909.


Male students room in boarding house or fraternity, 1909.

ca. 1912-1913.

Man sitting in boarding house or fraternity house room reading. Pinups and other decorations on south wall, 1912.

Young student sleeping in a men’s boarding house or fraternity house room, ca. 1912.


Single dorm room from the 1930s

ca. 1945.


Students studied on bunk beds in this barracks-style dorm, ca. 1945.


Two women in room in Holt Dormitory, 1950s.


Two women sitting in mock-up dorm room in Chadbourne Hall, ca. 1950s.

Students studied around a communal table, ca. 1950s.

A guy studying in dorm room, ca. 1950s.


A record party with Elizabeth Waters Hall residents, ca. 1950s.

Just a bunch of guys hanging out, eating melon, ca. 1950s.

Student dormatory room, ca. 1960s.

Residence hall room., 1963.

Double room, ca. 1970s.

Single room, ca. 1970s.

Single room, complete with a lofted bed, hanging chair, and dreamcatcher, ca. 1970s.

Triple Room, ca. 1970s.

Students playing foosball by Budweiser sign, ca. 1970s

ca. 1980s

Students in dorm room, ca. 1980s.

Residence Hall room, 1986.

A dorm room in 1987.

Students studying in their residence hall den, May 1996.

Residents in Slichter Hall playing Cranium, 2005

Man and woman chat in dorm room in Sellery Hall, 2008.


Ian Smith

Ian Smith is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News