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Paris Exhibition Showcases Ancient Egyptian Artifacts Found Underwater

Ian Harvey

An upcoming exhibition is currently showcasing some spectacular ancient Egyptian artifacts for the first time. This treasure of ancient Egyptian artifacts was found buried underwater along with the ruins of ancient cities of Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus. The exhibition held in France, showing amongst others the golden-eyed depiction of the legendary Osiris, and an amazingly sculpted statuette of an unknown Pharaoh.

After a number of cataclysmic disaster ascended upon the region, the ancient cities of Thonis and Canopus were wiped off the map of the earth and submerged underwater after a mass flooding and earthquakes of biblical proportions.

Under the expert leadership and supervision of a French marine archeologist Frank Goddio, a massive project had been in progress in Aboukir Bay not far from the historic city of Alexandria. This excavation site has proved to be an amazing gold mine of the artifacts from ancient world. Frank Godin, the founding head of the European institute for Underwater Archeology based in Paris, is assisted by the Oxford Centre of Maritime Archeology and authorities in Egypt, in his search for more Egyptian historic relics.

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Bronze statuette of a pharaoh. Photograph: Christoph Gerigk

Speaking to the reporters Goddio revealed that people should expect some amazing artefacts in exhibition in Paris, since many of the showcased items are among those discovered recently by his team in Egypt. Talking about the buried cities Goddio explained that so far they could only search 1% or maybe 2% of the total area spanning some 100 square kilometers. According to Goddio there could be two or even three cities buried under water and excavating all that could be the project for years if not decades.

Ceramic depicting the god Bes raising a dagger. Photograph: Christoph Gerigk


Thonis-Heracleion is an ancient Egyptian city with more than a passing reference available in a number of authentic historic books. Deriving its name from Greek and Egyptian, this ancient city had a sophisticated canal system and was an important port city with bustling economy. The historic findings were strengthened after the discovery of 700 ancient anchors and 60 shipwrecks going as far back as sixth century BC. (appy geek)

One of the most celebrated ancient Egyptian Gods; Osiris had a very special presence in the ancient city of Thonis. According to historic writings, Thonis was like a pilgrimage site for Osiris worshippers from all over the region; hence the whole city had tons of expensive artifacts related to Osiris. People believed that by visiting the Thonis, Osiris would heal them off their ailments and other life problems. During the excavation of an ancient temple buried underwater, an oil lamp was found that was used to honor Osiris, remains of a number of animal sacrificed were also found nearby.

The exhibition is ongoing in Arab World Institute in Paris, titled ‘Osiris, Sunken Mysteries of Egypt’ and features 290 artifacts excavated from underwater sites. The exhibition was opened on 8, September and will continue until the end of January.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News