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10 Vintage Mugshots From The 1930s With The Strangest Details

Ian Smith

This fascinating collection provided by Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums consists of mugshots thought to be taken in the 1930s in and around Newcastle, England.

Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums (TWAM) is a major regional museum, art gallery and archives service. We manage a collection of nine museums and galleries across Tyneside and the Archives for Tyne and Wear.

We are supported by the five local authorities of the area and Newcastle University. TWAM is also a Major Partner Museum funded by Arts Council England and has Core Funded Museum status. We hold collections of international importance in archives, art, science and technology, archaeology, military and social history, fashion and natural sciences.

TWAM has been awarded funding from Arts Council to act as a Bridge organisation. The only museum service to take on a Bridge role, TWAM is one of 10 Bridge organisations across the UK using their experience and expertise to connect children and young people with art and culture.

TWAM also delivers the Museum Development programme for the North East. The programme is a comprehensive, effective and collaborative response to the needs of museums in the North East and the communities they serve. As a result TWAM supports a total of 55 museums operating in the North East.

These mugshots come with so many personal details, that you got attached to the criminal, and feel actually bad for the one with brown hair and blue eyes who had bad character.

1. “Fatty Potter”

2. The one who had a “bad character”


3. The one who associated with all classes of thieves.

4. The one who is known as “Sunderland Kid’

5.“Enters by means of skylight in roof” or Spiderman with blue eyes and fair hair


7.The one who played violin outside public houses (The NERVE), and is Dead.

8. The one with the scar on his chest and visibly happy to be arrested.

9. Peculiarities: “Squints.”

10.  The one who was too”Cocky” to be arrested.

Ian Smith

Ian Smith is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News