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Most interesting junkyards

Junkyards are often the most disorganised and unattractive places. But it is what they offer that makes them interesting. Full of junk that someone no longer wants, junkyards hold many things that someone else wants. Here are some of the most fascinating junkyards.

Corvair Ranch – originally a junkyard for car parts and old cars, this yard in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, has become devoted to just Corvairs. It now holds more than 600 of the cars, along with thousands of Corvair parts. Russian ladies junkyard –this Russian junkyard is home to loads of old Moskvitch cars, as well as their parts. But this one also attracts Russian hippies too.

Arizona motorcycle junkyard – an alternative to the car junkyard is this one in Arizona where it is full of motorbikes and motor bike parts for as far as the eye can see.

Lamborghini prototype wrecking yard–this was a junkyard specifically used by Lamborghini to house their prototype cars once they were no longer needed. The yard no longer exists, but some of the original prototypes still exist and are on display in the Lamborghini Museum.

Arizona desert junkyard–Arizona has lots of space for junkyards away from where anyone lives, and the hot arid air puts the breaks on rust too. This one is full of old iron with hundreds of iron parts gathering dust, near Kingman and the Hoover dam. Russian military junkyard –Russian military vehicles are in abundance here and they’ve all been laid to rest in the middle of a wood. The vehicles include tanks, trucks, vans, and cars. (Jalopnik)

Historische Autofriedhof – this junkyard is in Switzerland for its Gürbetal collection of cars which made more than 700 classic cars.  Nature has got the better of most of the cars, otherwise a lot of them have been gradually sold off over the years.

Scrapheap Challenge junkyard–junkyards that can produce really useful things are the best. Especially those that appear on the TV show Scrapheap Challenge. Whatever those teams need they always find something that will help them to win the game. Competitions in the past have included building submarines out of car parts. Desert Valley Auto Parts – another Arizona desert inhabitant is this junkyard which is home to a weird and wonderful array of cars and parts. You’ll find the unique and rare at this site.

AMARC junkyard Tucson – this yard is also known as the Boneyard, since it is the world’s biggest aviation junkyard. The owners will let you lose in the yard and you can go tackling any of their planes to get spare parts and relish the planes of days gone by.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News