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Map: Chinese May have Discovered Americas 3,300 years ago?

Ian Harvey

Challenging one of the widely accepted versions of the Discovery of Americas, Author and researcher John Ruskamp presented a very revealing and convincing ‘alternative’ theory about the famous discovery. Ruskamp seems absolutely convinced that the travellers from Ancient China made the trip to Americas way before the Italian explorer supposedly discovered the new world. Ruskamp believes that there is plenty of evidence to prove that Christopher Columbus was pretty late to the party, actually 2,800 years late. Scroll down for video

Researchers working on the theory have found ancient scripts in and around America suggesting that Chinese explorers landed here on multiple occasions in antiquity. The ancient scripts discovered by the researchers are written in ancient Chinese language and syntax that could correctly predict the precise time they were carved in America. These findings have triggered a modern debate into this widely known fact regarding Columbus and is likely to travel miles since a number of historians are taking this theory onboard for further probing.

The ‘crown’ of this ground shaking discovery goes to a retired chemist and an amateur epigraph researcher from Illinois, John Ruskamp. He accidently stumbled upon the peculiar ancient scripts inscribed on a rock in the Albuquerque, New Mexico. According to Ruskamp, the presence of ancient Chinese scripts alongside Native American writings suggests Chinese were present in Americas almost three millennia before it was discovered by westerners.

The Chinese inscriptions are not fake, according to the researchers there is no way anyone could fake these old syntax in the correct ancient form with such great accuracy. All the research and scientific findings so far point towards the fact that people from China positively interacted with Native Americans in the ancient times and even made rock inscription together.

This is not the first time that a reputed researcher challenged the notion that Columbus was the first one to discover Americas, another researcher and retired submarine lieutenant-commander Gabin Menzies have also claimed that a Chinese explorers arrived on North American shores sometime in 1421, almost 70 years before Columbus’s expedition touched the American shores. However Ruskamp’s discovery is far more interesting and full of facts purely because it takes historians back 2,800 years in order to describe the discovery of America.

After the initial discovery in New Mexico, Ruskamp and his team went on to find a number of other similar wall carvings and rock inscriptions with ancient Chinese markings clearly etched into them. Before putting forth his theory, Ruskamp not only consulted other historians and archaeologists, he also took the aid of some of the most reputed experts of the ancient Chinese scripts. Ruskamp’s paper is currently being peer reviewed, however he continues to work on his theory to connect as many dots as possible. (Mail Online)

In his paper, Ruskamp points towards the ancient syntax of the carvings and also to the fact that Native Americans and Chinese share a number of genetic traits, which could only be explained by his theory. According to Ruskamp’s team the ancient Chinese script famously known as Shang syntax got extinct sometime in 1046 BC with the fall of Shang dynasty. It was only rediscovered and deciphered in the year 1899, and after that the language was only under study by experts and not by public, which is enough evidence to rule out any forgery. Besides, the repatination on the wall carvings and rocks containing ancient scripts suggest that these tablets could not have been produced in last 150 years, the weathering effect on the artefacts clearly prove their ancient origin.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News