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David Bowie’s first TV appearance in 1964 – Tribute to The Thin White Duke

Alex A

David Bowie was one of those people for who you just think that is exclusively secluded from the dying concept, he had a specific immortal energy that just gave the idea that he’ll stick around for a while. Well, he didn’t.  Even though he was a superhuman, eventually  he lost the 18 months battle with cancer and depart the earth yesterday(January 10).Social media is completely packed with tributes to the Starman and condolences to his family, fans from all over the world grief the sudden loss of the Man who fell on earth.

We at the Vintage News are also deeply disturbed by the terrible news and sorry to see Ziggy go, he done so much not only for the music industry but as well as for  humanity by being an impeccable example of a perfect, brave, weird, inspirational human being.

David Bowie is not just a song performer and his music is not just a matter of genre and style, he is a hero and his music is a way of a lifestyle.Some of us grew up with him, changing along with him in a way that only a chameleon can do.

He made the world braver, more colorful, more thrilling with a song. His music is a proof that song can bring down barriers and unite people, as he sang Heroes when the Berlin wall came down, he proved that oddity can be an extraordinary thing as he sang to Major Tom, and as a sublime he reminds us that we are all here temporary as he sang his goodbye song Lazarus. His last album Lazarus was his way of saying goodbye to his fans, friends, family and this planet.

When I was choosing a way to pay  a tribute to Bowie, I thought that it will take me an entire day to go through all of my favorite appearances of him, but then I remembered that recently I’ve watched extremely cool footage of him as a 17-years -old teenager.

This 50-years-old video shows the Thin White Duke’s first television appearance as the founder of The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-haired Men. ( the sly dog that he was)

Even though this is really a sad day and a tragic loss for us all, I stumbled upon a great comment somewhere on the internet  that  is a sort of a silver lining, it goes:

If you’re sad today, just remember the world is over 4 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie.”

From Ziggy Stardust, through Thin White Duke, to the Goblin King, from Heroes to the Black Star ,everything that he was and everything he did was pure gold.

As he once said: I’m not a prophet or a stone aged man, just a mortal with potential of a superman. I’m living on.   Certainly, he’ll live on through his songs and movies that made him immortal.


Thank you for visiting us Major Tom, take your protein pills and put your helmet on.