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800-Year-Old Cellphone Found in Austria, Many Suggest Time Travel

Today, people would probably go nuts if they didn’t have their cell phones with them everywhere they go. Just think about how things would be if the new generation had to rely on landlines while growing up. Kids these days are getting cell phones at a younger age, making them reliant on the phones as well.

What if scientists were to tell you that there could have been a cell phone invented and used nearly 800 years ago? A new conspiracy theory has been forwarded after the release of a video posted online and showing an 800-year-old cell phone. The phone is complete with cuneiform markings on the buttons; markings that were strictly used in ancient Mesopotamia nearly 3,000 years ago. Apparently, the phone was found at an archeological dig in Salzburg, Austria in early 2015.

The entire idea seems to be ridiculous and unbelievable. Up close, the phone appears to be a fake phone with the cuneiform markings dug into the buttons. While it might be unbelievable to most people, conspiracy theorists are eating up the idea that this could actually exist. They believe it indicates that aliens have landed on earth or time travel has occurred, or that even both things have happened.

Scott Waring, a UFO expert, said that this cell phone-like device was made by someone with great knowledge. He also said that the language depicted goes back tens of thousands of years ago, which makes it an even more remarkable discovery.


The Antikythera MechanismGiovanni Dall’Orto/Creative Commons

Skeptics from all over the world have pointed out several issues with this so-called futuristic cell phone. The phone itself resembles and earlier version of a Nokia, or at least something a little more durable. The scientists who found it and are studying it have not said why the phone doesn’t have any reception. Another thing that does not add up is that if it truly is a cell phone, it would have a ton of voicemails saved up over the 800-year span. Whether it’s futuristic or not, it has to receive voicemails!


Several websites have given their opinions about the cell phone. One website states that searching the internet for information regarding the cell phone did not help at all and clues about the phone are quite limited. The website only stated that the only information they can give the public is that it was discovered in modern-day Austria.

Another website that actually posted a video on YouTube said that the evidence is yet another clue leading toward time travel. They also posted photos of other artifacts found that are supposedly evidence of time travel. Other items that were found that support the time travel theory include ancient depictions of laptops, helicopter hieroglyphics, and the Antikythera mechanism that the experts believe is a computer that dates from 100 to 200 BC.

Think these ideas are ridiculous? Here are the top five most ridiculous conspiracy theories:

  1. Lizard People

Sadly, many people believe that the world is run by a group of interdimensional lizard people named the Babylonian Brotherhood. These lizard people take the form of political figures and celebrities so as to try to control the “regular” people. For example, many people think Barack Obama, the Queen, and even country music singer Boxcar Willie are lizard people.

  1. 9/11 Cover-up

Many believe that the 9/11 incident was created by the Bush administration to justify the U.S. military’s invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. While many people don’t believe Bush would sacrifice the lives of United States citizens, conspiracy theorists point out that the Kennedy administration ordered a false-flag proposal called Operation Northwoods that was passed through government channels. This operation was to allow the CIA to commit acts of terrorism in the United States which could then be blamed on Cuba. It was easy to blame Cuba because it was a new Communist country under the power of Fidel Castro, and the United States wanted to go to war with the country. Kennedy originally claimed that the proposal never went through, but publicly released documents show otherwise.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the Twin Towers collapsed after a controlled demolition blew them down, since in their minds the aircraft involved wouldn’t have been able to cause the buildings to collapse vertically.

  1. Denver Airport

While other theories are far from believable, many believe this one is too accurate to not be believed. The airport was built in 1995 and it was questionable why Denver needed another airport, since the one they already had was completely functional. The new airport also had fewer runways and no new technological advancements; the only improvement was the larger space. Conspiracy theorists believe that the large space is covering up a huge underground military bunker which would house important people in the event of an attack.

What is even creepier is that the terminals are lined with murals depicting mass genocide. The airport was three million dollars over-budget but no one knows who paid for it. At one of the terminals, there is a stone that states that “The New World Airport Commission” funded the project, however, there isn’t any organization such as that. Conspiracy buffs believe that the New World Order will eventually carry out a major genocide of the human race. Others think that with the Nazi-like imagery, the airport resembles a modern concentration camp.

  1. Area 51

Many have heard of this theory, whether they believe in it or not. Some think that this is a secret military base where an alien spacecraft sits, and that possibly the aliens themselves are in residence. It will remain a mystery until the government decides to tell the public what is going on in there. Others who do not believe in aliens just believe that it is being used to store secret military weapons and vehicles. The most wide-spread belief is that this desert installation holds the spacecraft that was found in the wreckage of the Roswell incident of 1947.

  1. New World Order

The New World Order is supposedly a collection of the most important and influential people in the world. These people would eventually form a one-world, authoritarian world government. However, in order to carry this out the earth’s population would have to be reduced to two million, so it’s believed this would be carried out by officials performing a mass genocide. Apparently, this theory has been around for centuries.


Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News