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4 Iconic and intense movie scenes that were actually real

Ian Smith

Acting is kind of hard, OK? Directing as well. and by hard,  we don’t mean Paris Hilton attempts to act ( that was hard for us to watch), but Tarantino strangling Diane Kruger-hard.

So, before you start judging actors for living lightly, bear in mind that in their portfolio they have: nearly death experience on the movie set.

4.The 40 Year Old Virgin -Steve Carell’s chest-waxing scene was actually real.

In the charming comedy 40 year Old Virgin,  there is a scene where Andy (Steve Carel), undergo a makeover and is about to have his chest waxed. Steve Carell suggested to perform the scene himself, actually waxing his ‘Chewbaccaish’ chest. However, because, he never waxed before (obviously), he never imagined it would hurt so much. So, the screaming, the  incessant stream of curses notes the true pain he was experiencing. But, NO, we don’t know why he is screaming the name of Kelly Clarkson!

3.Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory – The Surprise and Delight of the Children Was Real.

In the old version of Willy Wonka  there is a scene where the eccentric candy man (Gene Wilder) shows off the magnificent candy room to the golden ticket winners. In order to achieve a natural and authentic surprise-reaction, the cast was forbidden to see the set until the filming started. So the jaw-droppers and gasps of surprise were actually real.

2.”Rocky IV”- The Chest Punch Was Real and Stallone Spent 9 days in Hospital.

Sylvester Stallone’s acting is pretty much Sylvester Stallone having guts to undertake pain, as most of the  jumping off of cliffs and punching scenes are actually performed by him. So, we guess it wouldn’t be a surprising fact that the fighting scenes in Rocky IV were legitimate.  Supposedly Stallone told Lundgren: “Just go at it for the first 15 seconds. I want you to try to knock me out. Just bomb away.” The result was a punch so hard to the chest that Stallone spent 9 days in the hospital to get his heart working properly again.

1. Inglorious Bastards- The Strangling Scene was Real!

You remember the strangling scene from Inglorious Bastards, it was pretty intense, right? – Well, here is why, it was freaking real. It went something like this, Tarantino thought that a close up of someone being strangled, will never look as realistic as of somebody actually being strangled, so he had an idea, ” let’s strangle Diane Kruger for real”. However, doubting that Christopher Waltz will choke her too much or too  little, he decided to do the strangling part himself( apparently he’s an expert in this). In an interview for Cracked, he explained:  “What I said to her was, I’m gonna just strangle you, alright? Full on, I’m gonna cut off your air, for just a little bit of time. We’re gonna see the reaction in your face and I’m gonna yell cut.” Kruger went “Yep, that sounds like a reasonable thing a director would ask of me” and let Tarantino sit on top of her and choke her to the point of unconsciousness. Luckily for Kruger, the scene was done in one take (well, duuh, she is alive),  and that’s the one that appears in the movie. So, actors, next time you are auditioning for Tarantino movies, be aware, he is about to strangle you.

Ian Smith

Ian Smith is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News