The Simpsons reenactments of 12 iconic and historic photos

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There is one episode in South Park titled “Simpsons Already Did It”, and the episode depicts how Simpsons had  mocked and covered about everything there is in pop culture that is worth covering.

So, there is no need for more introduction, they’ve been on the air for almost 30 years, they are awesome and  below you can check how they’ve turned some iconic historic photos into colorful, funny parody.

Check them out:


Abe at Woodstock.

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The iconic photo of the embracing couple Nick and Bobbi Ercoline  at Woodstock appeared on the soundtrack album that immortalized them at the legendary festival.

Simpsons recreated the iconic couple in a bit different perspective in the sixth episode of The Simpsonstenth season,  where Homer becomes a hippie after a revelation about his middle name.

2. Dewey Defeats Truman or Simpson Defeats Prince

Bart gets it rubbed in his face by Martin.

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Simpsons mocked the iconic photo of  President Truman holding the infamous issue of the Chicago Tribune in the nineteenth episode of The Simpsons’ second season when Bart decides to run for class president, and becomes the overwhelming favorite.

Bart unexpectedly loses to Martin in the class president race, and a picture of Martin holding up a copy of The Daily Fourth Gradian with the headline “Simpson Defeats Prince” is taken, which in turn ends up on the front page of The Daily Fourth Gradian under the headline “Prince Beats Simpson”.

This is a reference to the famous picture of former President Harry Truman holding up a copy of a prematurely printed edition of the Chicago Tribune that proclaimed “Dewey Defeats Truman”, taken the day after his close victory over Thomas E. Dewey in the 1948 United States presidential election.

3. Betty Grable or “Bartty Gable”

Betty Grable

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Bart imitates the iconic photo of Betty Grable  in “Lisa the Beauty Queen” the fourth episode of The Simpsons‘ fourth season when Homer enters Lisa into a beauty pageant to boost her confidence.

Bart  teaches her how to walk properly in high heels.

4.Construction of the Empire State Building

Construction of the Empire State Building.

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The iconic photo of construction workers having lunch atop  the Empire State Building in 1931 shows up in a bit different version in the opening credits of The Simpson’s “The Dad Who Knew too Little” Season 14 Episode Season 8.

5. Burns and Elvis


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“Marge Gets a Job” Season 4 Episode 7 – Photo of Burns and Elvis given to Smithers “I’m on your side, ” Elvis told Nixon.

Then the singer asked if he could have a badge from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs

6.Frenchman cries as Nazis occupy France during World War II.

Frenchman cries as Nazis occupy France during World War II.

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“Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens and Gays” Season 15 Episode 8 – Itchy & Scratchy gets taken off the air A Frenchman cries as Nazis occupy France during World War II.

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