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Medieval property sells on the market for £925,000

Ian Harvey
Inner courtyard and Renaissance porch
Inner courtyard and Renaissance porch

Instead of standard gardens and fountains, one South Wales homeowner has decided to market his house with a medieval castle in the back yard. With a price tag of £925,000, the Old Beaupre Castle and Farmhouse is a Grade II-listed home comes with the accompanying Beaupre Castle ruins. The postcard-worthy 14th century, a five-bedroom farmhouse is only part of the draw to this property. The Grade I-listed medieval ruins in the back garden add value and  a unique quality to the property. However, the ruins are not without a drawback. For the supernaturally inclined, the castle’s remnants are also rumored to have a phantom.

Previously, the property was listed at £1,250,000, making the current asking price a £325,000 a better deal for any potential buyer. This property, with sections dating back to the 1300s, is one of the most important historical homes in the Vale of Glamorgan. Sebastian Southwood from the estate agents selling the property, Herbert R. Thomas, said, “Old Beaupre Castle offers a very unique and rare opportunity to own a part of Vale of Glamorgan history.” It is impossible to not be overwhelmed by the charm and character from the first time that a person visits. Furthermore, he said, “The many original features such as the vast double fronted inglenook fireplace, to the concealed doorway leading to a stone vaulted store, add to the intrigue and character. This property allows an individual to immerse themselves into history.”

Inner courtyard and Renaissance porch
Inner courtyard and Renaissance porch.Source

Some features have managed to survive the test of time. The property is home to an original medieval fireplace and 16th-century extensions added by the former owners Sir Rice Mansel and the Bassett family. The interior of the property has oak paneling, flagstone floors, and exposed stone walls while the exterior includes a formal garden, paddocks, and an orchard. Supernatural Wales, written by Alvin Nicholas, cites a banshee-like creature known as the gwrach y rhibyn as a latent spirit on the property.

The book describes how, “She was seen to rise up out of the river next to the castle, wringing her hands and flapping her bat-like wings in the twilight. Local workmen sometimes saw the gwrach y rhibyn wailing and sobbing among the castle ruins.”

The farmhouse is surrounded by its own 6.35 acres of land in the blissful Vale countryside. The land alone is Grade II-listed and dates back to the 14th century. The five-bedroom home is located in the southeast wing of the castle and blends period features and modern open-plan living. The outbuildings include a large stone barn and stables.

Old Beaupre Castle
Old Beaupre Castle.Source


Any potential future owner would not have to maintain the ruins as Cadw. The historic environment service of the Welsh Government seeks to protect and maintain the historically significant sections of the property.


Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News