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During its trip to the moon – Apollo 8 may have seen an alien spaceship

Ian Harvey

Recent images have sparked some debate related to Apollo 8’s trip to the moon. Apollo 8 is famous for facilitating the first time that humans travelled to the moon, but images indicate this crew may not have been alone in space.

The mission took place in December of 1968. A long reel of film was taken during the trip, and it appears to depict a large triangular object positioned on or above the lunar surface. It is a three-dimensional shape, and it is responsible for creating its own shadow. This could, in fact, be an unidentified flying object (UFO).

This is the only surviving sequence of film from the mission that includes the object. It is a black and white image that was taken with a 70mm camera. Tyler Glockner runs the Secure Team YouTube channel, and he received this image from an unnamed source.

His channel does reports on UFO sightings. Mr. Glockner identified this as the last image in this film magazine to be taken during the Apollo 8 moon mission. He points out that the photo does show something quite large that appears to be over or on the moon.

Glockner decided to go back to the Apollo Image Atlas in order to sift through all the previous frames taken before this one. He did not find anything that was out of the ordinary. However, in frame 2908 you suddenly see this massive triangular shaped object sitting on top of the moon.

The image did not show up in any of the other film stills. Perhaps it just appeared suddenly and briefly before disappearing altogether. Glockner confirms that it looks like a three-dimensional object with some shadowing to it. Therefore, he thinks there is a strong possibility that something briefly did appear on the moon.

There have been other images that claim to provide evidence to support that there is extraterrestrial life. But skeptics have declared that they were edited by hoaxers. Mr. Glockner does not think this particular image was edited at all. He said, “These are taken with film.

This is not some image artifact that you would get with digital images where you have glitches and all sorts of static and pixelation issues”.  That is something you did not really have with film in those days. Unless you let the film develop incorrectly, or allowed light to hit the film while it was developing, anomalies of this nature would not manifest in the image.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News