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‘We Slaughter Barbecue’ -The Texas Chainsaw Massacre gas station to be turned into horror-themed hotel

Ian Harvey

Think of the most horror image in your head, the image that appears in your head is from the Cult horror classic that was banned in many countries up until very recently. Psychologically speaking a traveler’s worst nightmare cannot be anything else but to get maimed, cooked and eaten by a family of cannibals. This is exactly what a 1974 cult classic ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ depicted and got embedded in the memories of its fans for generations to come.


This summer, the center stage of the all the blood and guts terror from the horror classic, the hotel ‘We Slaughter’ is open to the bravest fans, to eat (definitely non-human meat) and even stay in the four cabins especially built for overnighters.


The owners of the barbecue restaurant and petrol pumps named appropriately in the movie as ‘We Slaughter Barbecue’ are determined to attract a handsome number of cult classic’s fans, adding some hustle and bustle to the little-visited and mostly quiet town of Bastrop. Businessman and a superfan of the Texas chainsaw, Roy Rose along with the partner Ari Lehman has developed the abandoned wooden shack from the classic. Ari Lehman played the role of Jason Voorhes in another horror blockbuster ‘Friday the 13th’.


Hotel’s Facebook page posted a number of pictures of the site when owners were developing the shack for their opening in 2016. According to the social media updates, there will be a small museum built within the walls of the hotel showcasing all the memorabilia from the cult classic. Developers have also made sure to maintain the original look of the hotel to the smallest details; they even have a replica of original coca cola vending machine.

The entire filming budget of the Texas Chainsaw was under $300,000, with a relatively unknown group of actors. However, due to its sheer blood and gore horror the movie broke all previous records of horror debuts and amassed a whopping $30million on the local box office.

Directed and co-authored by Tobe Hooper, the movie belongs to the genre Horror Slasher. The movie revolves around the deadly ordeal of a group of friends, who on their way to an old homestead gets their selves trapped in the clutches of a man-eating family. Mentally sick with twisted demonic souls, these cannibals don’t just eat their prey; they absolutely relish the idea of catching and making their ‘meal’ suffer a great deal. The most hideous and repugnant character of the movie who created the most of the unsightly and dreadful scenes in the movie was a character with a chainsaw, who wears human faces peeled off from his victims. As one may imagine, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was banned from a number of countries due to its revolting approach to horror, however, it gained the name and reputation that no other horror movie has ever achieved.