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Interesting! A fully functional replica of Noah’s Ark entitled Johan’s Ark is colossal and could travel to Brazil this year

Alex A
The full size Noah's Ark in Dordrecht, Netherlands.Source
The full size Noah's Ark in Dordrecht, Netherlands.Source

We know that you all are familiar with Noah’s Ark, but we bet  that until now you haven’t heard about Johan’s Ark, have you? – No, Johan is not Noah’s evil twin brother who created the larger  barge, but a  Dutch millionaire contractor and recreationist. Johan Huibers built a massive  fully-functioning replica of Noah’s Ark  in Dordrecht, in the Netherland’s. Johan’s Ark was built as described in the book of Genesis in the Bible, except the Bible specified that the Ark had to be built from the unknown gopher wood, this interpretation is a steel frame skinned with American Cedar and Pine and built on top of a steel barge.

The full size interpretation of Noah's Ark in Dordrecht, Netherlands.Source
The full-size interpretation of Noah’s Ark in Dordrecht, Netherlands.Source

According to the Ark of Noah Foundation, there is a chance that the ark  could hit the waters this year   and  sail to Brazil from the Netherlands. The Ark of Noah Foundation which is founded by Huibers and works to raise funds and money so the journey could happen.The organization stated that the ark  will make several stops at various port cities in Brazil but also will make four stops along the coast of the U.S.

The idea of building a replica of Noah’s Ark came to Huibers after he dreamt that the province of Noord-Holland in the Netherland’s was buried by a massive flood.

The full size Noah's Ark in Dordrecht, Netherlands.Source
The full-size Noah’s Ark in Dordrecht, Netherlands.Source

But the massive replica was not the first version, as there is a smaller one  from the same creator which exists in Schagen. Huibers built the structure in the river port of Schagen, 45 km north of Amsterdam, taking one and a half years. In 2007, he opened the doors to visitors. After a few months, the structure was towed by tugboat through canals in the Netherlands and moored in the harbours of Rotterdam and Arnhem.

The smaller Ark van Johan Noah's Ark.Source
The smaller Ark; van Johan Noah’s Ark.Source

“Once in Brazil the Ark will be using techniques that include virtual and augmented reality to tell original different biblical themes and stories in an interactive and challenging way,”  the Ark of Noah Foundation said in a statement.

If you are curious to see the ark before it hit the open water, the  full-sized (137 m / 450 ft) version is in Dordrecht, open to the public. This ark is carried on a platform made up of 25 LASH barges and has a coaster’s seaworthiness license. The new ark is partly financed by income from the first ark as well as donations and loans.  The massive ark  features many animal models, including cows, penguins, a crocodile, and a giraffe. The massive object has been approved to allow a whopping number of  3,000 visitors a day.