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You can spend a night in an eerie floating lighthouse in the middle of nowhere. Would you?

Ian Harvey
source: The Frying Pan

If you are seeking a place of utmost solitude and most concentrated peace of mind, there is a Bed and Breakfast literally in the middle of nowhere to provide you with all that, called The Frying Pan Tower.  Despite the fact it does not have the modern amenities such as a spa, swimming pool or an exquisite dining, however, The Fray Pan B&B has much more to offer for those in search of some moments of bliss and meditative seclusion.


Located in hurricane alley of Atlantic Ocean, some 30 miles off Cape Fear, N. Carolina, this one of a kind Bread and Breakfast is a US coast guard station which was abandoned in the late 70s. The only way to the Tower is by a boat or helicopter, however once on the Tower, every moment is worth the effort with breathtaking view from all sides.

Despite the Tower’s remote location, the B&B has all the necessary comforts of a modern home including fresh water, electricity, Wi-Fi and a fully equipped kitchen with stainless steel utensils. The trip to the Tower is undoubtedly a remarkable experience, providing the visitors with the views of the Ocean during the day and a star-lit sky during the night.


Standing by the window or on the decks there is no patch of land in sight, just dancing waves and exquisite sunsets and sunrises. For those of us who get hypnotized by the hustle and bustle of urban jungles, the Frying Pan Tower is no less than a heaven on earth, with peace and relaxation to the nth degree.

This stunning B&B is the brainchild of Richard Neal, who in a spur of a moment decided to buy the guard tower in an auction held by the US Coast Guard in 2010. The work is on-going, and Mr. Neal is getting help from a number of donors and volunteers who appreciate the idea. Mr. Neal wants to maintain the 60’s vibe alive in the bedrooms and kitchen, keeping the Tower in the age it was originally built in, hence giving the guests an experience which is authentic and memorable. The cost of the accommodation in the Tower for one person for two nights is a mere $500, excluding the helicopter or boat ride to the Tower. Anchored in clear blue waters, the tower has the capacity for 12 people in its 8 bedrooms.

The best feature of the tower is right at the top of the tower where visitors can enjoy a marvellous 360 view; however there are other options available as well. For those who need to feel close to the aquatic neighbours of the Frying Pan could go the lower deck to swim with the sharks and mahi-mahi, or simply sit and fish in silence. Visitors can also enjoy a game of pool on a vintage pool table left by the coast guard when the tower was abandoned by the US coast guard.


The tower was built pre-GPS era to help ships navigate and saving them from ending up crashing into the land. Mr. Neal says the project of restoration is likely going to be an on-going processsince most of the Tower is old and rusty and will require a constant watchful eye. However, he is determined that those who will visit the tower shall leave rejuvenated and with a bunch of memorable moments of the Fraying Pan Tower.