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Here are some incredibly offensive WWII STD Posters, but we advise you to keep calm & carry on …

Alex A

During the 1940’s, war and poverty were not the only killers.  There was also syphilis and gonorrhea!

The eye-catching posters with graphic and extremely insulting (sexist) content were to raise awareness and to try to prevent soldiers the temptation of prostitutes.

The posters below will genuinely make you laugh, but aside of that, if you are a feminist, these posters could seriously freak you out and  give you the urge to break your computer, but we advise you to keep calm.

 Ah, that popular trap…….


Those booby traps are the worst, right? -You see a nice pair and the next day boom syphilis, we mean COME ON GUYS!

Cross your fingers

Cross your fingers

You can cross your fingers bro, but we can see that you are tempted as hell.

Don’t Judge by her look…..

Don't Judge by her look.....

So, we guess when they saw a gal with a nice skin they were supposed to ask her for a medical history record, just to be sure.

Cool T-Shirt Bro 

Here is a great print idea for a T-shirt, cause Venereal Disease sells!

That is exactly how we feel when we look at these posters


Don’t Lose the Syphilis-Free Cruise

Don't Loose the Syphilis-Free Cruise

Oh, no damn! He missed the boat and now he is stuck with a giant sea hand, what a loss!

Every Path leads to Venereal Disease

Every Path leads to Veneral Disease


We’ve thought that implied  to Rome, but.. what do we know.

Hello There You Fancy Skeleton

Hello Fancy Sceleton,

So, when you see a skeleton with a pink fancy hat  just run, run for your life.

Here Comes the Syphilis Police

Here Comes the Siphilis Police

The syphilis police also look like Lego people!

Is it the Monster of Loch Ness? Noooooo, Its Syphilis

Is the Monster of Loc Nes.. No, Its Syphilis

Ah, the analogy of blue dinosaurs and venereal disease is just unbearable!

Is there a feminist police? We Need to talk to someone!!!
Is there a feminist police We Need to talk with someone

This is so offending we wish we had a loaded gun now to find the art director of this poster.

Don’t forget your protection and your penis as well.

Never forget your protection and your penis also

So if you are not taking your penis with you, there is no need to take a condom with you, logic as that.

Oh, Holly Guacamole!!! What the Heck is this?!?

Oh Holly Guacamole What the Heck is this

We get the comparison imagery here since is particularly clear, but we have to admit that the “happy end” scenario looks more disturbing.

Oh.. those poor boobs…

Oh.. those poor boobs...

That good ole’ Surgeon Sage, he always knows what to say to the poor bobs.

Popeye for example…

Popeye for example...

Aside from the hilarious imagery, we have to admit that we kind of like the poetic headline, so deep man, so deep, and remember: There is no medicine for regret( this  also can be used as a title for a cheeky country song ;) )

Get it together Solider, Self Control is the KEY!


Seriously, why being dope?!

Seriously Why being dope


Those are the Men With Principles

The Men With Principles


Oh, the prostitutes were also known as spreaders of Syphilis and Gonorrhea, not human beings? ok…

The Syphilis scrapbook

The Syphilis scapbook


So, here is my scrapbook from 1943, this year I spread syphilis to million new victims… it was a busy year.

Venus comes with a free giant shot
Venus comes with free giant shot


Ah, those poetic headlines are just…….

Yeah, not that she is a human being.. she might be a bag of trouble


(Insert curse words here) ( Punch Something) ( Move on)

Who let the V Gals Out

Who let the V Gals Out


The acronym is cute  “V-gals,” sounds like a girl band from the 60s.

Who would’ve thought that syphilis could strike you in a form of a thunder


Wow.. this one is straight to the point.

Wow.. this one is pretty direct


Wrap before your tap- here is a slogan idea for Condom companies.

Yeah, the entire planet is covered with venereal diseases, that’s about right


See those mountains, oceans, and forests… a lie… all of that is a venereal disease.