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Say “Cheese”-Artist created a tiny 1900s photographic studio and it’s amazing


Wonder what photo studios looked like a century ago?- Well, wonder no more, since, Turkish artist Ali Alamedy created a painstakingly authentic  miniature model of a 1900’s photography studio.

This tiny  photography studio can be described in one word as ” fascinating” and a model that allows you to time travel to one century ago and lurk  in the workspace of a photographer of yesteryear.






The miniature photography studio documents the creativity of old photographer, it shows how they were creative regarding the lighting and the sets, in a time when no electricity  exist the old days photographer could use only the Sun lighting to illuminate their photos, and create a creative sets and locations to add life to these Photos, In recognition of their creativity I built my miniature studio using hundreds of meters of wood and other materials like Plastic, Copper and so, he told us in a recent interview




The model is so extremely detailed, that if you didn’t know it was a miniature you would think that is a real photography studio from the 1900’s.

There are more than 100 miniature items inside the studio all built by hand from scratch in different techniques. Every detail in the studio belongs to the 1900s era, from the furniture to the cameras to the photo paper they used.I spent 9 months on this project, there were lots of challenges especially in the research part,  says Alamedy






I spent 2 months exploring every picture and articles about the photography in the 1900s, most of the photos were in Black and White and low resolution so I had to read more about the studios in that time and trying to figure out some specific information about the way they built their studios and the sets and colors used in it, the hardest part was how to recall the spirit of the old studios in such a small scale, but for two months of research I felt like I have traveled to that time and started to transfer all I learned in my project, I was so happy when I finished it because it’s the only miniature studio that shows the old days photography in an artistic way.














If you love the world of miniatures you should definitely check more of Ali’s work here: Facebook /  Behance/ Instagram