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Drone captures ex-Soviet military bunker complex based in Crimea

The Soviet Union is littered with 100s of abandoned military bases and the base, known as Object 221, was built to serve as a command centre for the USSR Black Sea Fleet in the Crimea and extends for four levels beneath a mountain. Like many of the ambitious construction projects of the period, it was abandoned with the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s.

History of Objekt 221 go on to say:

Finding reliable sources concerning the construction of Objekt 221 is no easy task. At the time, all information regarding the project was subjected to the highest order of secrecy by the Soviet administration; while since the fall of the USSR, many such records have been lost for good. What remains is a patchwork of clues and suggestions, the bare bones of physical evidence fleshed out by rumour, speculation and logical assumptions. As such, I’ll do my best to provide an overview of the history – although some elements may be best served with a liberal pinch of salt.

It is generally accepted that construction began in 1977, at the site beneath Mount Mishen. Located close to Sevastopol, home of the Soviet Army’s Black Sea fleet, this complicated network of bunkers and tunnels was known as ‘Alsou-2’ or ‘Objekt 221,’ and was intended to serve as the region’s naval headquarters.


Nick Knight

Nick Knight is one of the authors writing for The Vintage News